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Name: Tristan Wirfs - Position: OT

Height: 6'5" - Weight: 320 lbs

School: Iowa - Age: 21

Pro ceiling: Supercharged Cam Robinson

Analyst : Alex Katson - @alexkatson

Versatility – Can play left or right side, plus ability to slide inside if absolutely need be.

Athleticism – Blew up the combine, absolute freak; fluid mover in space.

Anchor – If his hands are on you, you’re likely not going anywhere. Disciplined w/ footwork to keep his man in front of him.

Hand Usage – Really like it. Long enough to get his hands on rushers trying to beat him outside off the snap, but also has the punch/technique to keep defenders inside his frame.

Doesn’t hold blocks for particularly long, probably best suited to a West Coast passing scheme.

Not a supremely effective cut blocker, would much rather have him stand and bang with defenders.

Either gets his hands on you right away or lets you past. Punches can be reach-y when not from his stance, which throws him off-balance.

Games Watched: Miami (OH) (2019), Rutgers (2019), Iowa State (2019), Michigan (2019), Purdue (2019), Wisconsin (2019), Minnesota (2019), USC (2019)

Wirfs is plug and play wherever he goes in April, but some fits will be better than others. Despite his incredible athleticism and strength, the former Hawkeye has issues with balance and sustaining blocks that will make the beginning of his NFL career a bit rocky in the wrong system. He’ll need to be taught to keep things under control from a technique standpoint. Punching from a strong base rather than reaching at moving targets will be a good starting point.

Even with these present limitations, Wirfs projects as a great-to-elite run blocker and good-to-great pass blocker on day 1. Some people have suggested moving him inside, but I’d rather die than lose out on at least trying him at tackle first. The versatility to play every line position except center and his athletic profile from the combine will propel Wirfs to a very high selection. I’d expect him to live up to it.

Best Fits: Cleveland Browns, Arizona Cardinals, New York Giants