Whole Nine Sports

Name: Trent McDuffie - Position: CB

Height: 5'11" - Weight: 195 lbs

School: Washington

Analyst : Lucas VanDenBroek

Very smart. Always has his head on a swivel and is quick to read and react to plays. 

Good long speed, but struggles recovering. 

Disciplined eyes in zone. 

Patient. Waits until he has the proper timing to go for a tackle in the run game or to flip his hips.

Can struggle with more physical receivers and working off blocks. 

Bit of a small frame and shorter arms.

Man Coverage Skills Zone Coverage Skills Ball Skills Tackling Versatility
Competitive Toughness Functional Athleticism  Football IQ Run Defending Length
13.5/15 12.5/15 4/10 7.5/10 3.5/5
3.5/5 13/15 13.5/15 3.5/5 2/5

Games Watched: 2021 Oregon, 2021 UCLA, 2021 Michigan

Trent McDuffie primarily lined up as an outside corner for the Washington Huskies. He has a smaller frame and will struggle with more physical receivers on the next level. His below average arm length and ball skills hold him back as well. However, he did show great aptitude in zone and especially man coverage. He possesses good athleticism for the position. He has smooth hips and good speed and acceleration, but can struggle with recovery against more polished route runners. McDuffie is a very smart player. He plays with his head on a swivel and is quick to read and react to plays. He maintains disciplined eyes in zone and is a patient and controlled corner. He does well timing his tackles in the run game and when he needs to flip his hips and turn with his assignment. In the run game, McDuffie showed willingness to tackle and decent form, however he could stand to be more aggressive and physical. Overall McDuffie can slot into an NFL lineup immediately if he can pick up the play book. With some added time on his aggressiveness, weight and ball skills he can grow to be a number one corner. 


Early Day 2 – Starter