Whole Nine Sports

Name: TJ Hockenson - Position: TE

Height: 6'5" - Weight: 251 lbs

School: Iowa

Pro ceiling: George Kittle

Analyst : Nathan Papandrea

Balanced, well rounded TE prospect who is above average in all facets of his position. He is an exceptional in-line blocker, as he shoots his hands into the chest of the defender while driving his legs until the whistle. Shows a nasty demeanor and looks to finish opposing DE’s and LB’s every rep. Blocks with exceptional leverage and constantly resets his hands into the chest plate of his opposing defender. Takes sound, deliberate angles to the next level while offering the hip fluidity to mirror Linebacker movements. Offers slot and in-line versatility. Above average athlete, and he has a few impressive hurdles on tape. He is a long strider who can challenge safeties and linebackers vertically. Is a sharp route runner and can sink and drop his weight at the top of the route to create separation. His catch radius is wide, and shows the capability to extend his frame and make a play on the ball. Has incredible contact balance, as on tape that has lead to many impressive sequences. Impressively fluid, and that can be seen clearly at the top of his routes. His hands are consistently reliable, as drops are not often spotted on tape. Can make big plays after the catch, and is hard to bring down in the open field. Offensive system at Iowa requires him to run a vast variety of routes, and has him line up in a variety of places which bodes well for his transition to the next level.

Body catches can be seen a few times on tape. Frame can be thickened, as he has room to add more bulk.

TJ Hockenson is one of the cleanest evaluations in this year’s group of prospects. He’s a well rounded, athletic talent that possesses the traits and versatility to be a star in any scheme in his rookie year. He’s a nasty in line blocker, while also showcasing the athleticism and reliable hands to thrive on the perimeter. In a game that’s evolving, Hockenson fits everything that this game is moving towards.

Best Fits: Denver Broncos, Minnesota Vikings, Oakland Raiders