Whole Nine Sports

Name: Shaun Jolly - Position: CB

Height: 5'9" - Weight: 175 lbs

School: Appalachian State

Analyst : Lucas VanDenBroek

Smart corner. Diagnoses plays quickly and reacts in time to make a big tackle or pass breakup. 

Willing run defender. Good tackling form. 

Decent long speed. Hips are fluid.

Struggles with physicality, needs to add weight. 

Struggles with ball tracking deep and playing the ball in man.

Man Coverage Skills Zone Coverage Skills Ball Skills Tackling Versatility
Competitive Toughness Functional Athleticism Football IQ Run Defending Length
6.5/15 11/15 6/10 7/10 3/5
3/5 8/15 12/15 3.5/5 1.5/5

Games Watched: 2021 Louisiana, 2021 Louisiana (Sun Belt Championship)

Shaun Jolly played outside corner for the Mountaineers, but should be able to play inside as well due to his agility and flexibility in his hips. He is a very smart corner and thrives in zone coverage. He diagnoses plays quickly and has good burst and change of direction ability to make a big tackle or pass breakup. He struggled more in man. He is very small and cannot man up with most receivers and his short size hurts his ability to contest passes. Despite this small size he is a willing run participant and has good tackling form. He has average long speed but struggles to track the ball deep and make a play. Jolly would do best in a heavy zone scheme where his FBIQ and burst can shine and his small size can be hidden a bit. He would also project better inside. He plays bigger than his size and his quick thinking and quick feet will help him. 


Early Day 3 Grade – Developmental