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Name: Saahdiq Charles - Position: OT

Height: 6'5" - Weight: 295 lbs

School: LSU - Age: 20

Pro ceiling: Desmond Harrison

Analyst : Tyler Habursky - @TylerHabursky

Saahdiq Charles is very athletic and that is pretty obvious on film. He moves very well considering he’s undersized for the position at 295. He has good feet and is able to recover well when he puts himself in bad situations. Despite being 295, he definitely has the upper body strength needed for the position. There are plenty of examples of him on film where he is able to finish defensive linemen to the ground. Charles is also very good with his hands and is able to take full advantage of his length. His ability to mirror edge rushers with his hands and maintain an advantageous position is a very good starting point for an offensive tackle that some may consider a project. He’s able to win a lot here too because of his initial punch.

Charles is a raw prospect if I’ve ever seen one. He has athleticism and upper body strength, but struggles in other areas. First of all, his lower body strength simply is no where near as strong as his upper half. This is exposed when rushers try to bull rush him as he is only 295. He doesn’t have much of an anchor and gives up way too much ground in these situations. The other major area I think Charles needs to improve on are his pass sets. He was super inconsistent here and had no awareness of how far he should set vs. certain rushers. He didn’t respect the speed and get off of rushers enough and took too many short sets. Marlon Davidson made him pay for this multiple times.

Games Watched: Auburn (2019), Alabama (2019), Oklahoma (2019)

Charles is a very talented player and will make a push for my top 100 players. However, the talent is not the issue with Charles, it’s the character issues. There has been some buzz that some of these character concerns could lead to him going undrafted. If Charles can get it all together, his athleticism and hand usage will be huge to his progression. He needs to develop his pass sets and anchor though.

Best Fits: New England Patriots, Carolina Panthers, Los Angeles Chargers