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Name: Ricky Miezan - Position: LB

Height: 6'2" - Weight: 240 lbs

School: Stanford

Analyst : Lucas VanDenBroek

Good length and good at wrapping up the ball carrier. 

Used as a blitzer, but is not a great pass rusher. 

Smart player. Is able to diagnose when there is a missed assignment and help his teammates out of place.

Change of direction ability and agility is below average. 

Needs to improve his run angles on outside runs. Does not possess the range to be a sideline to sideline linebacker. 

Has trouble wading through the garbage and can too often get stopped by opposing linemen. 

Struggles in coverage, mostly because his hips are too stiff.

Tackling Football IQ/Instincts Competitive Toughness Pass Coverage Ability Run Defending
Block Deconstruction Range Flexibility Pass Rush Ability Versatility
9.5/15 6.5/10 4/5 6/15 6/10
3/10 5/15 5/10 1.5/5 1.5/5

Games Watched: 2021 USC, 2021 Arizona State

Ricky Miezan primarily lined up as Mike for the Cardinal, but he does not possess the range, change of direction ability and speed to handle these duties in the NFL. He is a very smart and heady linebacker and is usually able to diagnose and fill the run fits required of him. He is a solid tackler and possesses good length in order to reach and wrap up an opposing ball carrier. He was used as a blitzer often, but pass rushing is not a strength for him. Miezan too often gets lost in the garbage at the second level during a rush and he is unable to make a play on the running back. He struggles in coverage as well due to his stiff hips. Miezan will have to make his bones on special teams and perhaps can grow to be a rotational strong side linebacker on early downs.