Whole Nine Sports

Name: Quentin Lake - Position: S

Height: 6'1" - Weight: 205 lbs

School: UCLA

Analyst : Lucas VanDenBroek

Fluids hips and good long speed. 

Smart player. Okay diagnosing ability.

Has trouble with more physical receivers and working off blocks. 

Needs to improve tackling form and run angles. 

Can sometimes get lost in coverage.

Football IQ  Tackling Versatility  Range Man Coverage Ability Zone Coverage Ability
Ball Skills Run Defending Functional Athleticism Competitive Toughness Flexibility
4.5/10 3.5/10 7/10 8.5/15 2/5 5.5/10
2.5/5 5/10 7.5/10 3/5 7/10

Quentin Lake primarily played strong safety and 2 high safety for the UCLA Bruins this past season. While he does not have the diagnosing ability to be a consistent contributor as a single high, Lake does have fluid hips and good long speed that helps him in coverage and in the box. While he is a willing tackler, he struggles to make a consistent impact in the run game. He needs to improve both his tackling form, as he tends to be too hesitant and needs to work on his run angles better. Working on both of these would go a long way to improve his run defending abilities. He also struggles working off blocks. Too often he gets boxed out by more physical receivers or gets stuck on blocks thrown by both receivers and tight ends. Lake can also get lost in coverage. Lake will probably stick as a special teamer and backup safety for his career after some more game experience and NFL coaching. 


Late Day 3 – Practice Squad Candidate