Whole Nine Sports

Name: Phil Haynes - Position: IOL

Height: 6'4" - Weight: 320 lbs

School: Wake Forest

Pro ceiling: Quinton Spain

Analyst : Nathan Papandrea

Thick frame, with the desired amount of muscle mass in his legs, and upper body. Has impressive length for the interior, as his 33 ½ inch arms allow him to keep defenders from gaining access into his chest. Shows the capability of fitting his outside hand into the chest plate of the defender when blocking laterally. Generally, his strikes are aimed at the shoulder pads of his defender, which can be acceptable due to his powerful lower half and strong overall anchor. He strikes with his thumbs up, and a substantial bend in his arms which locks his elbow while also condensing space so defenders can not maneuver. That lock in his elbow makes it increasingly difficult for a defender to knock away your hands as it increases the strength of your grasp. On run downs, he sustains his block until whistle due to his above average grip strength. Shows a nasty finishers mentality, as knockdown blocks are littered throughout his tape. During double teams, he stays in a hip to hip relationship with his OL counterpart while keeping his outside hand free to detach and find contact. Upon contact, his hips uncoil which leads to substantial access to power and creates knock back at the point of attack. Plays with exceptional leg drive and he drives his legs through the insteps of his foot. That ensures balance, and access to the power in his hips. Has a strong anchor, due to a powerful lower body and his ability to sink his hips, and drop his weight. Plays with an acceptable amount of knee bend, and good leverage for size. Effective as a skip puller. 

Needs to be more aware of stunts, and twists from the opposing front. Should emphasize keeping his eyes up through the duration of the play, and passing off his defender in order to receive the other one. Below average torsion strength, as the lack of it often leads to the defender being able to cross his face and penetrate the B gap. Is effective as a skip puller, however his athletic limitations and lack of ankle flexion cause him to not be able to reach his landmark on wider pulls. In space, his movements are labored and limited. When asked to make contact at the second level, he never reaches the point of contact square. Often plays at the edges of the defender which allows for space to be out maneuvered. Not particularly scheme versatile. Needs to improve his reactionary quickness off the snap, as the delay can lead to his hands being carried low and his strike being late. When beaten, he does not have the foot speed necessary to recover. 

Haynes is an intriguing day two IOL prospect with power, and deliberately refined technique. However, his foot speed, athletic limitations, and processing lapses make him a limited schematic fit. There is a substantial amount to work with here, and in the right system I think he very well could excel as a starter over time. 

Best Fits: Jacksonville Jaguars, Detroit Lions, Denver Broncos