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Name: Micah McFadden - Position: LB

Height: 6'2" - Weight: 232 lbs

School: Indiana

Analyst : Lucas VanDenBroek

Huge hustle and effort guy. 

Strong. Good at shedding blocks and a solid tackler. 

Good pass rusher for an ILB. 

Smart player. He is quick to diagnose the play and trigger his movement, but doesn’t have the requisite athleticism. 

Good at wading through blockers and traffic at the second level.

Poor flexibility. Lacks wiggle and change of direction ability. Stiff hips. 

Poor athleticism. Does not have great range. 

Poor coverage ability. Does not have the athleticism to keep up with pass catchers.

Tackling Football IQ/Instincts Competitive Toughness Pass Coverage Ability Run Defending
Block Deconstruction Range Flexibility Pass Rush Ability Versatility
12/15 8/10 4.5/5 6/15 7.5/10
8.5/10 5/15 2.5/10 4/5 3/5

Games Watched: 2021 Iowa, 2021 Cincinnati, 2021 Penn State

Micah McFadden played WILL and SAM linebacker for the Hoosiers this year. He is the stereotypical high hustle and high effort linebacker. He is strong and is good at shedding blocks and working through traffic on the second level to make a play in the run game. He has solid tackling form and good length to pull in ball carriers. McFadden is a smart player. He diagnoses the play efficiently and makes his movement quickly, but does not have the required athleticism to make huge plays. This is where McFadden falters, his below average athleticism. He does not have the required speed, wiggle, flexibility, or fluidity to be an every down linebacker. He struggles in coverage and gets beat to the edge by ball carriers too often. McFadden should be able to provide value on early downs for his NFL team being a stout run defender and providing some upside as a pass rusher. He should also be a good special teamer at the next level. 


Early Day 3 – Developmental