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Name: Mekhi Becton - Position: OT

Height: 6'7" - Weight: 364 lbs

School: Louisville - Age: 20

Pro ceiling: Bryant McKinnie

Analyst : Alex Katson - @alexkatson

Athleticism – Men that big aren’t supposed to move like that. Agility is out of this world; like how quick his kick slide is on pass sets.

Power – Absolute murderer. Just his punch put more than a few defenders off balance, but even more terrifying when attacking downhill in run game.

Pass Protection – Honestly, think he deserves more credit in this area. As mentioned above, kick slide is quick. Anchor is near immovable and he’s so long that the defender almost never can escape his clutches.

Seems to lack awareness of blitzing players of the edge at this stage, results in a lot of free rushers.

Technique isn’t super clean. Powerful enough that it didn’t matter in college, but will need to improve in the NFL.

Timing – Often finds himself in the second level while the RB is still securing the handoff.

Punches tend to be off-balance because he’s throwing so much into them.

Games Watched: Notre Dame (2019), Boston College (2019), Wake Forest (2019), Clemson (2019), Kentucky (2019)

I came away from Becton’s film very pleasantly surprised. I’d been critical of mock drafts that had him chosen in the top 10. After the combine performance he put down and having watched the tape for myself, I can see why people had him there.

The early entrant has a combination of power and athleticism that should not be possible. In the run game, he’s an absolute mauler, but he doesn’t deserve to be labeled as a pure run blocking tackle. He’s the complete package. I do worry about his football IQ and technique, though. He’ll need to develop the awareness of blitzes off the edge and clean up his hand placement to reach his ceiling in the league. I’d project him as a day 1 contributor at left tackle, with the upside to become a long-term effective starter in the league.

Best Fits: Cleveland Browns, New York Giants, Los Angeles Chargers