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Name: Mario Goodrich - Position: CB

Height: 6'0" - Weight: 190 lbs

School: Clemson

Analyst : Lucas VanDenBroek

Good run defender and tackling. Able to work off blocks well. 

Physical and hard nosed. May have some trouble with flags at the next level.

Decent ball skills. 

Good instincts.

Limited athletically in his agility and speed especially. 

Doesn’t have athleticism to hold up well in man against receivers. Doesn’t have burst to cover up in zone. 

Limited in his scheme. Needs to give a lot of space if lined up outside.

Man Coverage Skills Zone Coverage Skills Ball Skills Tackling Versatility
Competitive Toughness Functional Athleticism Football IQ Run Defending Length
8/15 9/15 6.5/10 8/10 1.5/5
4/5 6.5/15 8.5/15 4/5 3/5

Games Watched: 2021 Georgia, 2021 NC State, 2021 Pittsburgh

Mario Goodrich lined up both inside and outside for the Clemson Tigers. He is an aggressive and physical corner who is good at shedding off blocks and making plays in the run game. He possesses good instincts. He has good diagnosing abilities but lacks the necessary burst and acceleration to always take advantage of this. This is where Goodrich struggles the most, his athletic limitations. He is not a great athlete in his agility and speed and will likely have to shift inside in order to cover more crossing routes instead of deeper routes. He does not have the requisite athleticism to hold up well in man and does not have the burst to cover well in zone. This leaves him limited in his scheme and was asked to play a lot of bail and off coverage for the Tigers, but he did so fairly successfully. Goodrich has decent ball skills as well and when he is able to stick with his man he does provide some challenging and nasty coverage. Overall Goodrich should move to the slot full time and work on covering some of the more physical and slower receivers and tight ends at the next level. 


Late Day 3 – Practice Squad Candidate