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Lamical Perine Scouting Report

Name: Lamical Perine - Position: RB

Height: 5'11 - Weight: 227

School: Florida

Analyst : Justin Rochat

When evaluating a running back there’s numerous things you need to look for to see if that player can translate his game to the NFL. Vision, patience and balance are three things I look closely for in college running backs and Lamical Perine grades out exceptionally well in all three areas.

The first tape I put on of Perine was against LSU where he had a run to the outside of the left tackle, he allowed his pulling guard enough time to set up a block before accelerating through the hole. Not many college running backs allow the pulling guard enough time to execute their blocks and is either stopped behind the line or for no gain. Perine’s patience and vision showed up a bunch more times vs LSU where Florida ran some QB options. Perine paused for a beat or two as he caught the ball waiting for his blockers to get into position, he scanned the field before running downfield in open space where he showed off his shiftiness by making some tacklers miss.

A running back’s job needs to be more than just running the football though, and Perine as the ability to contribute in other areas as well. His Vanderbilt tape was very impressive as he showed how he can be a weapon as a receiver where he caught 4 passes for 93 yards. It all starts with his route running ability where most of the time he was involved in a swing pass so it’s important that the running back gets his head around in time to locate and catch the football without losing his stride. Perine’s ability to not only get his head around in time but showing off his soft hands to bring in the ball in a fluid motion as he continues up the field is flawless. Hopefully as Perine enters his Senior season he will be more involved in the passing game.

Perine’s above average blocking ability should also allow him to stay on the field for all 3 downs as well. There were times when Florida ran a QB draw or power and he became the lead blocker so his blocking prowess should not be overlooked. Perine, when making contact with the defender, keeps his legs moving and almost always falls forward, this is the type of back that can succeed in the NFL.  

The biggest weakness for Lamical Perine is the small sample size he has so far put up at Florida. In 2018 Perine ran the ball only 134 times, the results were very good but just isn’t enough to know for sure if he could handle being the featured back. His 2019 workload is expected to increase tremendously however as he was sharing time with Jordan Scarlett who entered the 2019 NFL draft. Now that he’s gone expect Perine to get the bulk of the carries.

Lamical Perine is definitely a player to keep a close eye on this upcoming season. His combination of patience, vision and balance makes him deadly in the ground game. Not only can Perine beat you on the ground he can also dabble as a receiver where he wasn’t used much last season, but when given the opportunity he didn’t waste it showcasing his ability to hurt teams in multiple aspects of the game. The biggest thing I’m looking for in his Senior season is if he can handle an increased role that comes with more carries and more opportunity to show off his receiving and blocking skills. How does he respond to defenses building a game plan around him and can he still have a big impact when all the focus shifts to him? I still believe there’s a lot more potential to unlock here which is scary considering how well Perine was in limited reps. While going through film review on Perine I was getting flashbacks of a certain running back putting the college football and NFL world on notice in 2015 during the College Football Playoffs. These running backs have very similar running styles and I believe Perine can actually match his potential.

Games watched: 2018 LSU, 2018 Vanderbilt, 2018 Florida State, 2018 Michigan