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Name: Lakia Henry - Position: LB

Height: 5'11" - Weight: 230 lbs

School: Ole Miss

Analyst : Lucas VanDenBroek

Fluid hips. Good change of direction ability. Can provide coverage consistently. 

Fills the run fit quickly, but sometimes struggles in making the tackle, or does it too quickly.

A bit slow to diagnose the defense. Can sometimes get lost in coverage or bite and leave his spot. 

Does not have enough sideline to sideline speed to stay at Mike. Also does not possess the speed to carry receivers down the field. 

Smaller size can lead to broken tackles or getting washed out in the run game. Does have great tackling form because of this.

Tackling Football IQ/Instincts Competitive Toughness Pass Coverage Ability Run Defending
Block Deconstruction Range Flexibility Pass Rush Ability Versatility
9.5/15 4/10 3/5 12.5/15 5/10
3/10 9/15 8/10 1/5 1.5/5

Games Watched: 2021 Louisville, 2021 Tennessee, 2021 Alabama

Lakia Henry primarily played WILL linebacker for the Ole Miss Rebels. He is a small framed linebacker and may struggle with the physical rigors of the NFL. He is a fluid athlete. His hips are smooth and allow him to change direction quickly and move efficiently. Henry does lack top end speed and will struggle moving sideline to sideline or carrying receivers down the field. He fills run fits quickly and has great burst and closing speed, but sometimes struggles making a tackle. He is susceptible to being washed out in the run game. His small size hurts him when getting blocked in the run game and has trouble with broken tackles. Henry does have great tackling form out of necessity. He provides upside in coverage, but is a bit slow to diagnose the play call and can sometimes get lost in the sauce. Henry would be best suited for special teams at the moment. He may find some playing time on coverage reps at the next level, but needs to add some bulk if he wants to be a reliable run defender. 


Late Day 3 – Practice Squad Candidate