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Name: Kyler Gordon - Position: CB

Height: 6'0" - Weight: 200 lbs

School: Washington

Analyst : Lucas VanDenBroek

Fluid hips. Can change direction quickly and smoothly. Makes good and quick breaks on the ball. 

Provides athletic upside at the position. Can provide sticky coverage for his squad. Can be a man corner in the NFL. asked to keep his eye on the receiver often.
Decent ball skills.

Seems a bit afraid of contact in the run game and will only make the tackle if he absolutely has to. Seems to lack the necessary strength to be an effective press corner. He does have nice tackling form when needed however. 

Needs to keep his head on a swivel more. Too often he can get lost in the sauce and this can lead to open receivers. 

May struggle with more physical receivers.


Man Coverage Skills

Zone Coverage Skills Ball Skills Tackling Versatility
Competitive Toughness Functional Athleticism Football IQ Run Defending Length
10/15 7.5/15 6.5/10 6/10 3/5
2/5 11/15 8.5/15 2/5 3.5/5

Games Watched: 2021 Oregon, 2021 UCLA, 2021 Michigan

Kyler Gordon lines up on the outside for the Huskies. He is a smooth and athletic corner and provides a lock down number one corner for his squad. He possesses oily hips and can move and follow with opposing number one receivers. He provides sticky coverage and has decent ball skills as well. Gordon is a good tackler as well, but sometimes seems a little hesitant to make a play in the run game and will only do so when absolutely necessary. He also struggles a bit with more physical receivers and may have trouble playing press when asked to. Washington primarily runs bail technique, which he is most skilled at. Gordon needs to work on keeping his head on a swivel and not getting lost in the sauce. Too often he loses his man in coverage and this can lead to an easy completion, especially in zone. He also can blitz off the edge and I think its a skill that needs to be used more in his game as his burst and change of direction speed is good. Gordon offers the upside to be a solid  man to man corner in the NFL.

Early Day 3 Grade – Developmental Player