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Ke'Shawn Vaughn Scouting Report

Name: Ke'Shawn Vaughn - Position: RB

Height: 5'10 - Weight: 215

School: Vanderbilt

Pro ceiling: Alvin Kamara

Analyst : Tyler Habursky

Ke’Shawn Vaughn projects as an all-around back at the next level. The first thing I noticed on film was his speed. Against fast defenses he was able to pull away from secondary defenders and finish runs. He is also able to stretch the defense horizontally and can beat the flow of the defense to the edge. I project him as a 4.4 runner.

Along with his speed I think Vaughn has great contact balance. He is so mentally tough and wants to run everyone over that is in his path. You will never see him get knocked backwards on film and he usually falls forward, at least. Arm tackles will not work against Vaughn because of his strength combined with his thick frame. There are some instances, like in the Baylor game, of him just straight up trucking a middle linebacker.


A lot of teams will fall in love with Ke’Shawn because of his ability to play on passing downs. He has shown natural hands and makes sure that he secures the catch before turning up field. There are plenty of examples of him extending his arms and making a tough grab. Despite him not running a very advanced route tree at Vandy I believe he has the athleticism to run most routes well. And that’s not it, he is a great pass blocker. He is very aggressive and wants to compete. I saw plenty examples on film of him cohesively move his hands and feet for some effective blocks.

Overall Ke’Shawn Vaughn is great in nearly every area. However, my worst graded trait for him was his quickness. He has just enough change of direction ability to make a defender miss in space with a subtle move, but he does not have that stop on a dime ability. When making a cut into a hole, too often did he take an extra false step or two as opposed to making one cut and getting up field? Similarly, I also think he lacks in his elusive ability. He has the subtle ability to make a defender miss in the alley, but he isn’t real shaky. He doesn’t have great natural “wiggle” but when needed he can make a defender miss in space.

Games Watched: 2018 Baylor, 2019 Georgia, 2019 LSU

Ke’Shawn Vaughn has so many desirable traits that NFL teams are looking for. His speed and ability to play on passing downs will really help his stock. Make no mistake, this should not make him stamped as a scat back or anything of that nature. Vaughn has the natural ability to break tackles with his thick frame and great strength. He may not be the best at changing direction, but that is okay because of his alpha mentality and desire to compete. Vanderbilt primarily ran a zone scheme out of both the gun and from under center so I think he will be comfortable in both. I think Ke’Shawn Vaughn is worthy of a top 100 selection in this year’s draft.


Best Fits: Jets, Texans, Falcons