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Ke'Shawn Vaughn Scouting Report

Name: Ke'Shawn Vaughn - Position: RB

Height: 5'10 - Weight: 215

School: Vanderbilt

Analyst : Justin Rochat

Before diving deep into Ke’Shawn Vaughn’s tape I watched a few clips of his just to see what kind of running back he was. The problem was at first glance you think “Oh, here’s another speedster” a type of back that comes on when the bruiser or featured back needs a break. You’d call him a change of pace back. However, when I actually put on his game film and reviewed every snap and every rushing attempt it was clear he was more than that. There shouldn’t be a label on the style of Vaughn’s play, mainly because he’s shown to dabble in multiple “prototypes”.

Some may say he’s a one-cut back, a back who shows off his speed needing only one cut to get behind the defense and he’s off to the races. Which could be true, although he also runs to the perimeter, racing to the edge and outside the tackles as he tries to beat the edge defenders, and he usually does. So, Vaughn’s speed is well noted, but the beautiful thing is his vision is also phenomenal. The reason why he can utilize both the one-cut and perimeter running style is because of his vision and anticipation of when to cut back or if he needs to put his surprisingly hard stiff arm to use as he fights off the defenders trying to beat him to the sidelines.

When Ke’Shawn fails to get behind the defenders with his cutback or if he simply can’t out run them he uses some quickness and suddenness to leave the defender flat footed that’s when he surprises them with the stiff arm. All of those “weapons” he uses are all capable due to his sensational balance. There were times when he seemed to get tripped up, but without losing a step on the defender he gathers himself quickly and is back in stride and off to the races where nobody can catch him.

Ke’Shawn Vaughn seemed to be criminally underused last season at Vanderbilt. There’s so many questions still left to be answered about what or how much Vaughn is actually capable of. He totaled only 157 rushing attempts yet he surpassed the 1,000 rushing yards mark gaining 1,244 yards on the ground. He also wasn’t used in the passing game nearly as much as he should. He caught 13 passes for 170 yards with 2 touchdowns. None of these seem to be on Vaughn as much as it should be on the coaches. Maybe Vaughn has shown in practices that he can’t be reliable in the passing game, but there’s no way of us knowing until he gets more reps in game. Vaughn’s blocking isn’t terrible but he can definitely work on it heading to the 2019 season.

There is a lot to love about Ke’Shawn Vaughn and his potential. First of all everyone loves speed! There’s a drill at the scouting combine (40 yard dash) where everyone stops what they’re doing to see if anyone can run out of their shoes. Players stock rises and falls due to this drill whether it’s reliable or not people are sometimes swayed by the numbers put up in the the 40 yard dash. Even though his speed is what jumps out, it’s his exceptional vision that sets everything up. It starts with what you see and Vaughn is very good at picking when to cut back or continue to the sideline where he uses his speed or stiff arm to get behind the defenders. If the coaching staff at Vanderbilt exposes Vaughn to some of the passing game and he shows he can be reliable in that area then there’s no question he can be one of the top running backs in the country. Questions also remain as to if he can handle that workload as stated above he had under 200 carries.  

Games watched: 2018 Notre Dame, 2018 Georgia, 2018 Baylor