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Name: K'Von Wallace - Position: S

Height: 5'11" - Weight: 206 lbs

School: Clemson - Age: 22

Pro ceiling: Justin Coleman

Analyst : Chaz Turnbow - @CCNFLDraft

Good mental processing at the snap to diagnose where he needs to be. In zone coverage he possesses smooth athletic skills in the open field to go to where he needs to to take away a target. Shows good closing speed to drive on a receiver in coverage when the ball is thrown or when he needs to transition from covering space to covering a man. When in phase with the receiver he stays attached and can run with them in the short and intermediate areas of the field. He is competitive at the catch point and his ball production increased mightily his final season. He is a plus run defender. Typically a force/control defender he’s quick to get to his spot and rarely lets the RB break him to the outside. Sheds WR blocks like they’re nothing. Is a good tackler and gets people to the ground.

His middling athleticism and range likely limits him to a slot only role in the NFL, long speed is particularly limiting.  Press technique could stand to be improved at the next level so he can be relied more in the slot, his hands in particular. When breaking on routes in front of him he often arrives slightly late and has to resort to making the tackle instead of making a play on the ball. Is less willing to hit RBs than he is to hit WRs. 

Games Watched: Syracuse (2018), Charlotte (2019), South Carolina (2019), Virginia (2019), Ohio State (2019)

Wallace is an ideal nickel defender or box safety for the current NFL due to his solid athleticism and very good skills in run support. Instinctual player who is adequate at any coverages asked of him and will be a good addition to any secondary as the league puts more of a premium on nickel defenders. Lack of elite range or athleticism will limit him to the box/nickel, but he will be a plus addition for any secondary.

Best Fits: New Orleans Saints, Green Bay Packers, Denver Broncos