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Name: Jonathan Taylor - Position: RB

Height: 5'11" - Weight: 218 lbs

School: Wisconsin - Age: 21

Pro ceiling: Adrian Peterson

Analyst : Evan Mead - @Evan_Mead0700

Taylor is a talented back with a skillset that offers a lot of potential. After a great start to his season, he showed what he can do and what he can offer a team. He is a forceful running back with the ability to pick up big yards on plays with his vision, quick feet, and his ability to use his lower body to drive and push through tackles. He shows that he is slippery and hard to tackle due to his strong drive with his lower body. With his ability to get upfield quick with his burst, if not tackled by the linebacker, it will be difficult for the defensive backs to tackle him one on one, which is where most of his big runs come from.

Taylor has obvious concerns within the scouting community, but I feel I should still give you guys a breakdown of what has me scared about his transition into the NFL. Taylor in the previous seasons has shown very poor ball security with having 12 fumbles through his first two seasons. Although there was a decrease with his fumbles this past season, it is still a concern for many people. Taylor also carries a concern with the ability to potentially be a three down back. Although there was an increase in production this past season in the receiving game, he still showed low end receiving upside. After doing some research into this however, it was brought to my attention that there have been many Wisconsin backs that have come out of college being a two down back due to lack of hands but have shown time and time again how good their hands are. The hands as of now though are going to stay a concern until proven otherwise.

Games watched: South Florida (2019), Michigan State (2019), Iowa (2019)

Taylor has proven time and time again that he has the ability to be a very talented running back due to what he can offer a team. Although he does have obvious conerns and flaws within his game, with his downfield running style in the right system, he could become a superstar running back.

Best Fits: Indianapolis Colts, Houston Texans, New York Jets