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Name: Joe Burrow - Position: QB

Height: 6'4" - Weight: 216 lbs

School: LSU - Age: 23

Pro ceiling: Andrew Luck

Analyst : Alex Katson - @alexkatson

Burrow has a preternatural ability to sense when the pocket is collapsing around him, and does well to escape pressure and make plays on the run. Will not be mistaken as a true dual-threat QB, but can make plays with his legs when given the opportunity. Accuracy is superb at all levels; deep passes will require just a bit of fine-tuning. Like his mechanics: throwing motion is quick and he rarely throws from anything other than a solid base. Sets and calls his own protections and is adept at diagnosing coverages. Will whiteboard well.

There’s not a ton to knock Burrow on as a prospect. Arm isn’t the strongest: floats a couple passes, puts a fair bit of air under throws to the wide side, loses power when throwing on the run. Wish he would slide more to protect himself, as entertaining as it is to watch him get hyped up after getting mauled. Wants to make a play on every play, which results in some questionable decisions and unnecessary sacks.

Games Watched: Texas (2019), Vanderbilt (2019), Florida (2019), Auburn (2019), Alabama (2019)

Burrow’s development from 2018 to 2019 is the eighth wonder of the world: he started the season as an afterthought in his second year manning the controls at LSU, and now enters draft season as the Heisman Trophy winner and favorite for the #1 overall pick. As we’ve collectively learned more and more about the Athens, Ohio native, it’s become clear that Burrow is the epitome of “football guy”. He’s an excellent leader and clearly embraced and was embraced by the culture at LSU. The criticism on Burrow has been that he doesn’t have one elite trait, but I’d argue that his pocket presence is that of a seasoned NFL veteran. Add in the experience Burrow has (36 career games played) and the prototypical size (6’4”, 216 lbs) and he certainly seems to fit the mold of a traditional NFL QB. With solid mechanics and an accurate but not overly strong arm, Burrow is one of the most well-rounded prospects at the position that we’ve seen in a number of years. Critics will ask if his huge leap in production is thanks to an offensive makeover lead by Joe Brady, rather than actual concrete development, but I’m confident Burrow’s skills translate to the pro game. Burrow is proficient out of play-action, but tends to underthrow the deep ball: he’ll need both a quality receiving back and a true jump-ball receiver early on to find success as he fleshes out the remainder of his game. The way I see it right now, there’s no reason not to take Burrow #1 overall.

Best Fits: Cincinnati Bengals, Los Angeles Rams, Chicago Bears