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Name: Jerry Jeudy - Position: WR

Height: 6'1" - Weight: 191 lbs

School: Alabama - Age: 20

Pro ceiling: Stefon Diggs

Analyst : Tyler Habursky - @TylerHabursky

Jerry Jeudy is such a fluid athlete; not only does he have great quickness, but his ability to change direction at any point without slowing down much at all is rare. With that, he also has good enough long speed to win once he puts the DB in a blender, which he often does. He won’t run a 4.3 or anything, but speed is still very good. Pair his suddenness with his route running and you get a guy who is bound to continue to create separation at the next level. Is very technical with jabs and head fakes at the top of his route and is also good with pacing on his routes, making sure not to run into a zone. Jeudy also has very natural hands and aside from a few concentration drops, his ability to catch the ball and continue upfield is very good. He also wins a lot of his reps within the first 2 yards of the LOS with very good releases. His quickness makes it so hard for a DB to get hands on him. He’s also that make you miss in a phone booth type guy with his unreal flexibility.

It’s really hard to knock Jeudy for much at all, but my only real gripe with him is that he isn’t a guy that is going to box out a DB and go up for the ball. He may be able to because he really didn’t have to do that much at Bama. He also isn’t going to be a dominant blocker. He is effortful and uses his length well, but does just enough to get the job done and not over power anyone.

Games Watched: 2019 LSU, 2019 Auburn, 2019 Ole Miss, 2019 Michigan

The league is gravitating to receivers that can create separation as opposed to those that can win above the rim and that’s why I think Jeudy should and will be an early first round pick. His ability to create separation and win after the catch will be highly sought after.

Best Fits: Las Vegas Raiders, Jacksonville Jaguars, Denver Broncos