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Name: Javon Kinlaw - Position: DL

Height: 6' 5 1/8" - Weight: 315 lbs

School: South Carolina - Age: 22

Pro ceiling: Leonard Williams

Analyst : Alex Katson - @alexkatson

Kinlaw is insanely powerful and explosive; he routinely runs straight through linemen on his way into the backfield. Times the snap well, which results in a lot of immediate disruption. Like his set of pass rush moves, swim and spin especially, but wish he’d use them more often. By all accounts one of the highest character players around and an excellent story. Work ethic will be unmatched.

Kinlaw either wins with power or does not win reps at this stage. Pad level is elevated too quickly during the play, which allows linemen to stand him up much easier. Related: would like to see him improve his hand usage at the point of attack, especially when blocks are sustained. Has tunnel vision on a lot of run defense reps. A touch raw at this point.

Games Watched: Alabama (2019), Missouri (2019), Georgia (2019), Clemson (2019)

Kinlaw’s film shows a player with immense physical talent that just hasn’t quite put it all together yet. Extremely powerful and surprisingly mobile, the senior has some reps that make your eyes pop out of your head, but others make clear his flaws. Consistency will come with time in an NFL conditioning program and a move out of the nose tackle spot South Carolina had him in for the majority of the season, which might propel him to an All-Pro type career. As of now, though, I think he’s just a smidge too raw to feel comfortable calling him that right out of the gate. Regardless, he should be a lock for a top 20 selection come April, and I fully believe he has the work ethic to become the player he’s capable of being.

Best Fits: Carolina Panthers, Indianapolis Colts, Dallas Cowboys