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Name: Jared Pinkney - Position: TE

Height: 6'4" - Weight: 260 lbs

School: Vanderbilt - Age: 22

Pro ceiling: Luke Stocker

Analyst : Tyler Habursky - @TylerHabursky

After spending 5 years in the Vanderbilt program, Jared Pinkney is ready for the draft. Pinkney has made his money as a route runner and his ability to get open. He is very efficient at the top of his routes because of his ability to utilize head fakes and quick cuts. He also understands zone spacing and paces his routes well making sure to avoid running into zones. Pinkney is a solid run blocker and wants to finish guys to the ground and has great leg drive as a blocker. He also moves very well for his size and tests linebackers when running down the seam.

Overall is a pretty well rounded player and does well as a run blocker and a pass catcher. I think he struggles with being a consistent catcher of the football. He struggles sometimes at making catches with his arms extended and struggles holding onto the ball in contact. Also is nothing special after the catch. He has the ability to fall forward and get a few extra yards but more often than not that’s about it.

Games Watched: 2019 Georgia, 2019 Notre Dame, 2019 Arkansas

When all is said and done, Jared Pinkney will be one of the top tight ends taken in the draft. His blend of size and athleticism will make teams consider him in the top 100. He will be very versatile for an offense because of his ability to play in line and flex out as a receiver.

Best Fits: Cincinnati Bengals, Dallas Cowboys, New England Patriots