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Name: Henry Ruggs III - Position: WR

Height: 5'11" - Weight: 188 lbs

School: Alabama - Age: 21

Pro ceiling: DeSean Jackson

Analyst : Alex Katson - @alexkatson

Speed – Obviously. True deep threat due to his game-breaking speed, will be one of the fastest/most explosive players in the NFL from day 1.

RAC – Speed is a big factor here, but it’s impossible to ignore. Acceleration is out of this world, makes defenders look like they’re moving in slow motion once he gets going.

Hands – Does well to extend for catches outside his frame, drops aren’t an issue.

Balance – Hard to bring down in the open field. Strength is noticeable when he uses it.

Route Running – Not super polished in this regard. Not terrible by any means, but often relies on quickness to beat his man rather than crispness.

Release – Struggled against press coverage (especially LSU), given a lot of soft looks that he won’t be afforded in the NFL.

Physicality – Even though he’s an alright blocker, would like to see him approach the game overall more physically. Likes to create new angles on routes rather than engage.

Games Watched: Duke (2019), New Mexico State (2019), South Carolina (2019), LSU (2019), Auburn (2019)

Ruggs might be one of the most controversial prospects of this year’s class. Some think he’s essentially the next John Ross or Tavon Austin. Others think he’ll become a true #1 receiver in the NFL, a la Tyreek Hill.

I’m more in the middle. Ruggs’ speed is undeniable: he’ll blow by you before you’ve even realized the ball has been snapped. That makes him an incredible threat after the catch, but getting him in open space may be more difficult than we think. Yeah, he’s fast, but his route running could use some polish and he’ll need to fight through press better at the next level to get open in intermediate sections of the field. I like his hands, but so few of his catches were contested, at least in 2019. That makes it hard for me to say whether he’ll be able to make those catches in the NFL. He’s still an immediate impact player who will add a vertical dimension to any offense. Whether or not he becomes more than that will likely determine his value as a draft pick.

Best Fits: Philadelphia Eagles, Denver Broncos, San Francisco 49ers