Whole Nine Sports

Name: Elijah Hicks - Position: S

Height: 5'11" - Weight: 200 lbs

School: California

Analyst : Lucas VanDenBroek

Fluid hips. Good change of direction ability. 

Good tackling form. Willing participant in the run game.

Slow to diagnose plays and sometimes fails to fill run fits. 

Below average athleticism. Feel like he could have had some big plays if he made a break on the ball more quickly.

Football IQ  Tackling Versatility  Range Man Coverage Ability Zone Coverage Skills
Ball Skills Run Defending Functional Athleticism  Competitive Toughness Flexibility  
4/10 7.5/10 4.5/10 5.5/15 1.5/5 6/10
3/5 6.5/10 3.5/10 3/5 7/10

Games Watched: 2021 Oregon, 2021 TCU

Elijah Hicks plays safety for the California Golden Bears. He lined up in multiple positions. He will find the most success lining up in the box in the NFL. He does not possess the required speed or acceleration to be an asset as a free safety and will need help with his coverage. He can be a bit slow to diagnose the play as well and if he did work on his processing or burst he could make some plays on the ball. He is a solid tackler and is a willing participant in the run game. He can be a bit slow to fill the run fit on occasion, but is usually there to make a tackle. He also lined up as a blitzer on occasion and did this pretty successfully. Hicks has fluid hips and has great change of direction ability. This agility is his biggest asset, but his recovery speed is below average. Hicks will probably max out as a special teams guy and a potential 3rd safety lining up in the box. 


Late Day 3 – Practice Squad Candidate