Whole Nine Sports

Name: DJ Wonnum - Position: EDGE

Height: 6'5" - Weight: 260 lbs

School: South Carolina - Age: 22

Pro ceiling: Dawuane Smoot

Analyst : Tyler Habursky - @TylerHabursky

DJ Wonnum has a versatile frame that teams can work with because he is big enough to make an impact against the run and fluid enough as an athlete at his size to get to the quarterback. I think Wonnum is best actually, against the run. At 260 he understands his role on the edge and forces a lot of things back inside by keeping the edge by taking on blocks with his hands and using his strong lower half to maintain his position. Along with that he is also extremely strong. When being blocked, whether that’s in the run game or as a pass rusher he holds up well with his strength and packs a good punch. As an athlete, he is very explosive linearly and gets off the ball well.

There are many reasons why I have Wonnum graded this low. One reason is his lateral athleticism: although he is a good athlete in a straight line, when he has to move laterally he struggles to say the least. He’s a little bit tight in the hips so really bending the edge hard is not an option for him. With that, he takes some completely unrealistic angles to the QB on pass rush situations and too often does he take himself out of the play by getting so far upfield. I think Wonnum will struggle to be much of a threat at the next level because he doesn’t rush with much of a plan and doesn’t bring hardly any pass rush counters to the table.

Games Watched: 2019 Alabama, 2019 Clemson, 2019 Missouri

Overall DJ Wonnum will probably be taken as a late round flier and a depth piece for most teams. Wonnum is set to go to the Senior Bowl in January and he’ll have an opportunity there to really improve his stock. He won’t test like anything crazy based on the way he moves on the field. If he wants to take the next step he needs to develop as more of a pass rusher by becoming a better athlete and being more polished with his hands. Wonnum will be a safe pick for a team because he has the ability to play on early downs.

Best Fits: Jacksonville Jaguars, Cincinnati Bengals, Tennessee Titans