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Name: Devin Duvernay - Position: WR

Height: 5'11 - Weight: 210

School: Texas

Pro ceiling: Golden Tate

Analyst : Brandon - @WNS_Brandon

Devin Duvernay is an elite athlete that ran the 100-meter dash in 10.27 seconds. However, Duvernay is more than just a freak athlete. Duvernay has never dropped a pass in a game for Texas. His route-running on short routes is nothing to write home about but he’s quick enough to get a step on slants and in-routes. Once Duvernay gets the ball in his hands, he essentially becomes a running back. When not involved directly in the play, Duvernay is still an active blocker.

The biggest knock that anyone will likely have on Duvernay is his height. Listed at 5’11, it’s entirely possibly he’s shorter than that, given how inaccurate colleges have listed players measurements before. Based strictly on his play, my biggest concern is something that isn’t even his fault; Duvernay’s lack of deep route-running is schematic but it also raises the question of is it something he can’t do, or something he just hasn’t been asked to do? Duvernay isn’t physical enough at the line of scrimmage and NFL DBs could make him pay a ton at the next level for that.

With arguably the best hands in college football, elite top speed, a thick running back-like build, and high character, there aren’t many things that Devin Duvernay can’t do. Duvernay has all of the tools to be a top slot receiver in today’s NFL and should find himself rising up teams’ draft boards come athletic testing and the interview process.


Best Fits: Baltimore Ravens, Denver Broncos, Green Bay Packers, New Orleans Saints