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Name: Derrick Brown - Position: IDL

Height: 6'5" - Weight: 318 lbs

School: Auburn - Age: 21

Pro ceiling: Marcell Dareus

Analyst : Tyler Habursky - @TylerHabursky

Brown was a former 5 star recruit and for good reason, he is very talented. His athleticism and movement, especially laterally, is of a high caliber. He is so explosive and has a great get off from the snap of the ball. From there, he is so good at punching his hands and wins a lot of reps just from his punch. He is so proficient with his hands that he rarely gets dominated at any point. His ability to two gap also is very valuable and maintain his leverage at the LOS will be very valuable as he doesn’t lose much ground in these situations.

Brown is another one of those high end prospects where it is so hard to find a lot of weaknesses to his game. The one thing I would really complain about with Brown is that he always is on the ground, even when he is making a play. It’s not that he’s losing reps and going to the ground, it’s just the way he plays. I just don’t want my top 10 pick at DT to be on the ground so much.

Games Watched: Oregon (2019), Florida (2019), LSU (2019), Alabama (2019)

Overall, Derrick Brown is going to be such a force for a defense on the interior. The IDL position is becoming even more valuable in the league simply because that is the fastest line to the QB. Derrick Brown is an elite prospect and can destroy an offense’s game plan. I have no doubts that Brown is a top 10 player and will drastically improve any defense he plays for.

Best Fits: Carolina Panthers, Detroit Lions, Arizona Cardinals