Whole Nine Sports

Name: Chase Young - Position: EDGE

Height: 6'5" - Weight: 285 lbs

School: Ohio State - Age: 20

Pro ceiling: Myles Garrett

Analyst : Evan Mead - @Evan_Mead0700

Chase Young is one of the best prospects I’ve scouted without question. The idea of what Young brings to the table is extremely scary for any offense. Young has the size, speed and strength that allows him to get to the quarterback even though he doesn’t have the technique that other rushers posses. His quick first step off the line is one of the quickest I’ve witnessed which allows him to blow past some of the best tackles in college football. Young is simply an overpowering pass rusher and the idea that he can get even better is scary, and will be in the back of most of the minds of any team facing Young come next season.

Young doesn’t have many flaws within his game, most of his negatives are more just things I could see improvement from. Young has all the traits that will allow him to be a superstar but if I had to pick one thing for him to improve upon, it’d be his mechanics. He doesn’t show proficient hand usage, which leaves him unable to create space from the tackle. If he can improve upon his technique, getting the arm extension in order to create space and get off the block, he’ll be unstoppable.

Games Watched: Wisconsin (2019), Michigan (2019), Clemson (2019)

Chase Young is a very good player and perhaps one of the best players I’ve had the pleasure of scouting. Young has the elite size, speed and strength off the edge that is going to make him difficult for anyone to guard. The idea that he can get even better is one of the scariest things I’ve ever thought of. He is going to be a superstar, and if he can improve upon some technical errors, he could become one of the best of all time.

Best Fits: Washington Redskins, New York Giants, Detroit Lions