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Name: Andrew Thomas - Position: OT

Height: 6'5" - Weight: 315 lbs

School: Georgia - Age: 21

Pro ceiling: Ronnie Stanley

Analyst : Alex Katson - @alexkatson

Experience – 41 games is a lot, and it shows on tape. Very polished in most areas of his game, played in a pro style system, should be able to step into an NFL role with minimal hiccups.

Anchor – You’re not running through him. Most rushers beat him by going around when he narrows, but when they choose to engage, it’s game, set, match. Length is clear on film. Another spot where experience comes into play, as well.

Run Blocking – Power is evident here. Doesn’t have the pure power of some of the other tackles available, but his assignment rarely gets off the block if the run comes his way. Pulling is a touch inconsistent, but not a huge concern.

Pass Blocking – Has a rare ability to adjust himself in the middle of a play, whether it’s hand usage, feet placement, whatever. Does so without losing any ground to the defender. Anchor, as mentioned, is excellent.

Agility – By no means a bad mover in space, but doesn’t quite compare to the other top tackles in the class as far as movement goes.

Balance – Sometimes looks like he’s forgotten how big he is. Fair amount of reps where he falls forward over-extending and/or narrows his base in pass protection.

Footwork – Not incredibly clean for someone of his experience. By no means bad, but could improve smoothness of the kick-slide in pass sets. Takes choppy steps that might get taken advantage of at the next level.

Games Watched: Vanderbilt (2019), Arkansas State (2019), Notre Dame (2019), South Carolina (2019), LSU (2019)

Thomas is going to be a plug and play starter for 10+ years in this league, of that I have little doubt. My concern is that the ceiling with him isn’t as high as some of the other tackles in this class, which is why he’s going to end up as my OT3. After playing 41 games over his career as a Bulldog, Thomas is incredibly refined mentally, but there’s still physical aspects that can be developed. His hand usage is great, as is his knowledge of opposing schemes. He’s a better run blocker than pass protector, but that doesn’t mean he’s a poor pass blocker by any means. I worry about his choppy, just-a-touch slow footwork, as well as his tendency to over-extend and lose his balance.

In the NFL, he might get taken advantage of in pass sets as he works on keeping his base wide and smoothing out his kick-slide, but he’ll be a killer in the run game. I love the fit for him in a power-based scheme that places a lot of emphasis on the run and on quick passing concepts. Scheme fit is going to be more of a concern with him than the two tackles I have rated above him (Wills and Wirfs). He’ll be a starter wherever he goes, but he’ll be a very good one if he lands in the right situation.

Best Fits: Cleveland Browns, Jacksonville Jaguars, New York Giants