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Name: Alontae Taylor - Position: CB

Height: 6'0" - Weight: 193 lbs

School: Tennessee

Analyst : Lucas VanDenBroek

Great length. Uses this effectively in press coverage.

He is a willing tackler, but he often misjudges his angles and this leads to missed tackles. 

Does not possess the necessary athleticism to provide man coverage consistently in the NFL. 

Does not have quick enough change of direction ability and burst to make breaks on the ball in zone coverage. 

Is a bit slow to react in the pass game.

Man Coverage Skills Zone Coverage Skills Ball Skills Tackling Versatility
Competitive Toughness Functional Athleticism Football IQ Run Defending Length
6/15 5/15 5/10 5.5/10 2/5
3.5/5 5/15 6/15 2/5 4/5

Games Watched: 2021 Ole Miss, 2021 Missouri, 2021 Pittsburgh

Alontae Taylor is an outside corner. For the Volunteers. He is a very long corner and uses his length effectively as a press corner. He is just an average athlete.,m which really hurts him as he also does not have the football IQ to properly cover receivers. He does not have great enough change of direction ability to keep up with the best receivers. This lack of football IQ hurts him in  zone coverage as he is unable to make  plays on the ball quickly and he is typically out sped and out agilitied by receivers. He is a willing tackler and participant in the run game but he typically misjudges his angles and this leads to  lots of missed tackles. Overall, Taylor will likely never be able to start in the NFL consistently and will have to make his bones on special teams.