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Who is Cameron Ward?

Cameron Ward
Brandon Olsen
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Cooper Kupp, Trey Lance, Terrance West, Chase Edmonds, and Cameron Ward. What do those five players have in common? They were all winners of the Jerry Rice Award, given to the most outstanding freshman at the FCS level. The first four names in that list all made it to the NFL.

The most recent name that got added to that list is Cameron Ward. The biggest question at that point is simple: who is Cameron Ward?

Is he the QB coming out of high school that had just two offers to his name? The Spring 2021 Incarnate Word QB? The man that Nicholls probably knows as “The Eater of Worlds” after his completely dominant performance in the Spring 2021 season? The 2021 Southland All-Conference First Team QB? NILClient of Pfenninger Representation Group?

That was the first question I asked when I sat down with the Incarnate Word QB.

Incarnate Word

“The character likes to make jokes. He loves to play the game of football and just be around. Just be around people. I like to have my circles just hanging around my friends.”

Throughout his recruitment process, Ward would go to football camps whenever possible as a way to get his name out there. Ultimately, Incarnate Word and Texas Southern were the two schools that offered Ward a scholarship, which he would then commit to Incarnate Word. 

Cameron Ward Incarnate Word

Ward set the FCS world on fire last year when he took over the offense at Incarnate Word. Despite coming from an option offense, Ward thrived as a passer last season and showed that he was slept on, already outplaying his recruiting status.

Through six college games in the Spring 2021 season, Cameron Ward threw for 2,260 yards, 24 TDs, and just 4 INTs. He also passed for over 300 yards every game and had multiple touchdown passes in every game.

“I can make every throw on the field, I can extend plays when I need to, and I find hidden yards on the ground” was how Cameron Ward described his play style and if you’ve ever watched, you’d know that was accurate. Ryan Roberts wasn’t wrong. When you’re watching Cameron Ward, you’re not watching your typical FCS passer. You’re watching someone who, in their freshman year, wasn’t afraid to let loose.

Cameron Ward

Coming off of his productive, to say the least, freshman campaign, Ward, who models his game after Aaron Rodgers and Patrick Mahomes, knows he has areas to improve upon, specifically cleaning up his footwork and limiting the throws off of his back foot. 

Cameron Ward begins his second season with Incarnate Word tonight, taking on the Youngstown State Penguins. Expectations are high for Ward to build on his award-winning freshman season.