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A Bold Prediction For Every NFL Team in 2020

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Chaz Turnbow
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After an offseason that felt like years, the 2020 season is finally almost upon us. Which means it’s time to make some wild predictions. We all know crazy stuff happens every year in the NFL, so let’s plant our flags and drop some TAKES before they happen so we can say we were first like a YouTube comment. Without further ado, here is a bold prediction for every NFL team heading into 2020.

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Bears: The team wins less than 4 games AND Nagy
keeps his job

A popular hot seat candidate this offseason has been Matt Nagy. The 2018 Coach of the Year had his team hamstrung by bad QB play last season. So much so that the team brought Nick Foles in the building. If they can’t figure out the QB situation and bottom out this year then I believe Nagy will have the chance to bring his own guy into the fold with a pick near the top of the 2021 NFL Draft.

Photo by: Leon Halip

Lions: Matt Stafford will lead the NFL in TD passes

The Lions are going to be airing it out. I don’t like this defense at all, and Stafford will need to put up volume stats to keep this team competitive in games. Will he do enough to outpace the favorite in Mahomes? These are bold predictions after all.

Photo by: Mark Scone

Packers: Jaire Alexander cements himself as
a top 3 CB in the NFL

There are few positions as heavily debated in the NFL as cornerback. Last year Stephon Gilmore showed he was dominant and locked up a DPOY award to show it. I don’t know if Jaire does that, but 5 primetime games including 2 back to back in the early season against Michael Thomas and Julio Jones certainly gives him an opportunity to put his name in that discussion.

Photo by: Stephen Maturen

Vikings: They miss the playoffs

With 7 playoff spots and many people having them as the NFC North champions outright, this is one of my spicier takes. Their weakness at CB and OL is scary to me. They will be in the thick of the playoff race in week 17, I don’t see them as a sure bet.

Photo by: Justin Berl

Steelers: They make the AFC Championship

Everyone knows how fearsome this defense is. If Big Ben plays the way we know he can, this one isn’t that far-fetched. I think the Steelers are right up there with the Ravens and Chiefs in talent.

Photo by: Ron Schwane

Browns: Baker Mayfield has less than 15 turnovers

Baker has maybe been criticized more than any other QB this offseason. Notably because of his high turnover numbers. He is set up for the best year of his career and I’ll bet on Baker, mostly because if it isn’t the best year of his career, he might not have much of one after this.

Photo by: Julio Cortez

Ravens: Patrick Queen wins DROY

There’s not much bold to say about the Ravens unless you think they’re going to collapse. I clearly don’t, so I’m going for a player prediction. Queen might be a common pick, but the favorites for this award will still be Isaiah Simmons and Chase Young. Queen will get the volume stats on a more highly touted team/defense.

Photo by: Joseph Maiorana

Bengals: The team wins 5 games

Burrow has brought some energy to this team, but he’s still a rookie. They also invested some money into the defense this offseason. The team will shock some people and pull out some wins that many won’t see coming.

Photo by: Kirby Lee

Rams: The team wins 5 games

I am not a fan of this team at all. The OL is bottom 5 of the league, the weapons are middle of the pack, and the defense is Donald/Ramsey and middle of the pack players. They’re in the NFC, and a tough division at that. I think LA is in a rough spot.

Photo by: Ralph Freso

Cardinals: They’re in the playoff hunt up until week 17

I love this team outside of the trenches. They are very weak. I don’t think they will hold up against the top teams, but they have an outside chance to make the playoffs in the NFC behind Kyler Murray with 7 playoff spots.

Photo by: Randy Vazquez

49ers: Jimmy Garoppolo throws for 4K yards

He was only 22 yards short last season. Everyone associates SF with a running offense, but that helps the passing game. Garoppolo got a lot of flak as a “system guy” but if you’re effective you’re effective.

Photo by: John Froschauer

Seahawks: They win the division

The 49ers are the favorite here, but Russell Wilson doesn’t have losing seasons. The team brought in Adams to help bolster the defense and he can contribute in all facets of the game.

Photo by: Paul Gutierrez

Raiders: Josh Jacobs leads the NFL in scrimmage yards

With an offense built around him and confidence in him stepping forward as a receiver this season, we will see him put up numbers. Same as the Stafford prediction it’s about outpacing the favorite in Run CMC.

Photo by: Adam Malnati

Broncos: Chubb and Miller both eclipse 12 sacks

We hope to finally get them both on the field for a full season. If we do there are few duos more fearsome than these two, and both can produce.

Photo by: Steven Ryan

Chargers: Joey Bosa leads the NFL in sacks

Bosa just got the bag and I expect him to perform. The man has been dominant since day one and we will see him reward the Chargers for rewarding him.

Photo by: Jamie Squire

Chiefs: They have 3 1k yard receivers

Kelce, Hill, Hardman. I loved Hardman coming out of UGA and I can foresee him taking more snaps than Watkins this season. There’s so much opportunity for everyone on this team to eat.

Photo by: John Breech

Saints: They win the Super Bowl

Saints fans have been watching the Super Bowl pissed for the last 3 years thinking they should have been there. I think this is the best roster in the NFL, so I guess it’s not super bold but I’m using the same logic as the Ravens.

Photo by: Mark Brown

Falcons: Dan Quinn actually gets fired this time

We’ve seen this play out for many years in a row. The Falcons start off slow, rumors about Dan Quinn getting fired start swirling, the team plays well and saves his job. It’s like Groundhog Day. How many times can you accept a “we didn’t totally suck” before enough is enough. This roster still has too good of talent to underachieve every year. Even if you’re only bad half of the year you were still bad half of the year.

Photo by: Leon Halip

Panthers: DJ Moore is top 5 in receiving yards

DJ Moore is probably the most underrated WR in the league. He is in an offense dominated by CMC and he will have to do a lot of work with the ball in his hands as Teddy likes to check down, but I believe in Moore.

Photo by: Mike Leach

Buccaneers: Mike Evans has his first non 1k yard season

Evans wins down the field and outside of the numbers. Last year in NE we did not see Brady win in those areas. If he wants to get his yards, we will have to see Evans create after the catch.

Photo by: Philip Wilson

Colts: Philip Rivers doesn’t make it through
the season as the starter

I think this team will be in contention for a playoff spot down the stretch. Rivers looked like a shell of himself last season. This is the best OL he has had in a long time, so maybe he can more confidently play like himself again.

Photo by: Mike Tanier

Texans: Deshaun Watson gets some MVP votes

Watson is quickly turning into Russell Wilson in the aspect that this team needs him to make magic for them to be successful. I believe that he will carry this roster to a winning record with that magic.

Photo by: Gary Lloyd McCullough

Jaguars: They won’t go 0-16

Everyone looks at them as tanking as they did with Miami, but they didn’t go 0-16. Jaguars don’t have the coaching staff to win as much as Miami did, but they won’t be historically bad.

Photo by: Troy Taormina

Titans: They have a top 3 scoring defense

I know they traded away Casey, but the starters on this defense are still loaded across the board. Adding Clowney to that mix can push them over the top.

Photo by: Daniel Powell

Giants: Daniel Jones throws for 4K yards

In a different facet than Garoppolo, he will pick these up in a different way. Garbage time baybeeee!! The Bortles special as I like to call it. The team will be trailing a lot, but that’s alright for this prediction.

Photo by: Ryan Kirksey

Eagles: Ertz and Goedert will be the team’s
leading receivers for the year

They will have more yards than the top WR. This is a combination of the talent of those two as well as the health of the WR room

Photo by: Ian Cummings

Football Team: Dwayne Haskins starts ALL 16 GAMES

They need to see what they have in him, though he might not be the best option for them to win games. If he’s good, fantastic. If not, you’ll be picking in the top 3 anyway.

Photo by: Clarence Jouse

Cowboys: Dak Prescott will win MVP AND be
on a different team in 2021

I said what I said

Photo by: James P. McCoy

Bills: Stefon Diggs won’t top 1k yards

As arguably the best deep ball receiver in the league, I don’t like saying this. However, Josh Allen is the worst deep ball passer in the league, so I do like saying this.

Photo by: Kristian Dyer

Jets: They end up with the 1st overall pick

This is only bold because the Jaguars exist. This team is just as bad as them when it comes to talent. Sam Darnold needs to have a good season to get an extension, but with Gase at the helm I just don’t see it happening.

Photo by: Doug Kyed

Patriots: They make the playoffs in their first-year
post Brady

I don’t know how hot this is, but I’ve seen a lot of people claiming this roster is bad. They should still be above average on defense, and with Cam in town with his best OL ever they should be fine.