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Should The Jets Yannick or not Yannick?

In his debut article for Whole Nine Sports, Charlie Andrade takes a look into if Yannick Ngakoue would fit into the New York Jets system or not.
Charlie Andrade
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The Jets have had a tough training camp so far. The offensive line looks to be just as bad as it was in 2019, and the receiving core has been injured and looks to be a shell of its already weakened 2019 self. Mekhi Becton has struggled to compete with the Jets pass-rushing attack. But there is a possible reclamation for New York. Their names are Jadeveon Clowney and Yannick Ngakoue, two pass rushers who could change the Jets 2020 season and start a path toward winning.

Jadeveon Clowney came out of Seattle expecting to be one of the highest touted free agents, but he found an empty market with teams lowballing him perpetually. Seattle didn’t seem to want him back, New York made little interest, and Tennessee focused on keeping their talent in house. He decided to play the long game, waiting until a team was ready to pay him what he deserved. That offer never came, and as training camp began his standards got lower, to the point where offers Seattle made in March were much more appealing.

The Jets already have Jenkins running the edge, someone who is solid, if not a little boring. Jenkins is the perfect second edge rusher but can’t be expected to lead a team’s pass rush. Signing Clowney would provide the Jets the perfect chess piece to finishing the defense. Clowney could help Quinnen Williams work through the middle, Jordan Jenkins on the other side, and the secondary have less responsibility. Signing Clowney to a two-year front-loaded contract could make both sides happy. If the signing doesn’t work, then the Jets can release him with little, if any dead money.

The Jets have the cap space, it wouldn’t affect their future cap space in much any way, and it would provide them with a talented edge rusher. The Jet’s refusal to even sniff Clowney out and talk to his agent is a testament to Joe Douglas’s philosophy that can border on incompetency.

Yannick Ngakoue has made his discontent known in Jacksonville. He won’t be stepping on the field for the Jaguars ever again and wants to be traded anywhere. The Jets have apparently made their interest to Jacksonville known, and have begun the process of getting Yannick to New York. But the Jets aren’t the only ones who want Yannick. Seattle has also made noise to Jacksonville of their interest, and as most Jets, fans should know, when Seattle wants a player, they’ll do anything to get him.

Yannick will need a new contract, but it’s worth it with a player of his caliber. He’s one of the best young pass rushers in the league, and if the Jets could lock him up for good, they wouldn’t have to worry about a pass rush for years to come. Yannick has thrived in Jacksonville, especially with the dysfunctional team that is Jacksonville. Imagining Ngakoue with the Jets defensive line is incredibly promising.

Overall the Jets should already have signed Clowney or traded for Ngakoue. They would bring an incredible presence to the Jets defensive line and help all parts of the team. This would allow Quinnen to take a more relaxed role on the defense, and truly be a pass-rushing monster.