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2020 Prospect Matchups ACC Edition

Chaz Turnbow
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The 2020 college football season is fast approaching (COVID dependent), and I’m still talking it into existence. Two Power-5 conferences have already announced that they will be only playing league schedules in 2020 if we get football. Most other conferences will likely follow suit, and that leads me to wonder “what matchups in the ACC would keep my eyes glued to the TV?” So, I am going to look at the schedule and highlight some matchups that we need to weigh a little heavier when we look at these 2021 draft prospects. It is rumored that the ACC would include ND in their scheduling, but until an official announcement I limited this to conference teams that are currently on each other’s schedule.

Sage Surratt, WR, Wake Forest vs. Asante Samuel Jr, CB, FSU

I love matchups between top WR/DB talent, and that’s how we’re kicking this off. Sage Surratt is arguably the best WR in the conference currently, with his 6’2 215 frame and clear play strength to go compliment it. He is more effective in the deeper portions of the field than he is in the short area. This is because of his pristine ball skills and body control, as well as his limitations of short area explosiveness at the break points of his routes.

Before we get started, Asante Samuel Jr. is the son of the former Pro-Bowler (I mean how many people are out there named Asante Samuel? Is there data on that? Somebody get me the Census data…). Samuel is a natural athlete with silky hips to allow for quick changes in direction and to turn and run so he doesn’t get beaten deep. He is often attached to receivers but struggles at the catch point due to his marginal ability to adjust to the ball in the air, coupled with his smaller stature at 5’10 184. With Caleb Farley opting out of the 2020 season, Samuel has a chance to prove himself as the CB1 in the ACC with a good season.

Can Sage create some sort of consistent separation against Asante in the intermediate areas of the field?

Can Asante hang with Sage at the catch point?

Jackson Carman, OT, Clemson vs. Carlos Basham Jr, EDGE, Wake Forest

Trench war baby! Jackson Carman is a smooth 6’5 345 lbs. BEAST. Great athlete for his size and will fight you all game no problem. Is a road warrior in the run game who will move you where he wants. Quick feet for his size to hit his spots on the arc with a stout anchor. Inconsistent reps make me wary. His bad reps are BAD, and I need consistency at OT.

Carlos Basham Jr. is one of the many talented edge defenders in the ACC. The 6’5 275 lbs. redshirt senior is a quick processor in the run game and is productive in the backfield. Effort level is high at all times with a top tier motor. In the pass game he wins with technique more than his athleticism, with a variety of effective moves such as a spin and an inside rip move. We need to see if he is athletic enough to be an effective rusher against NFL tackles.

Can Carman handle the onslaught of effort that Basham is going to give him all 4 quarters?

Can Basham Jr. go out against a great athlete and still be effective, or is his athleticism a limitation?

Marvin Wilson, DT, FSU vs. Jaylen Twyman, DT, PITT

Did I cheat? Yea I did, this is my article I can do whatever I want. What are you going to do, tweet at me? Marvin Wilson is a dog. I don’t know how else to put it man. 6’5 305 lbs., strong as an ox, absolutely ELITE swim move with complementary counters. Plays with fantastic leverage and motor. Only downside is that he needs to vary his pass rush plans and he is not explosive in his first step.

Jaylen Tywman might be the best pass rusher out of the 2021 IDL class. Explosive first step. 6’2 290, and his push pull move is fantastic. Good processing ability and his motor is always running hot in the pass and run games. Leverage isn’t as elite as it should be for a 6’2 player, as he allows OL to get into his chest a lot more than he should.

These are two top 32 players as it currently stands, and unlike the other two matchups, one of them will be on the screen at all times! This is a must watch game for me and I will be thrilled to watch these two hosses put in work in the trenches.