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Why I Love College Football

Illinois football
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Ever since I could remember, I loved waking up early on a Saturday morning and getting ready for a jam-packed day of college football. Growing up near a college town in Champaign-Urbana, Illinois was awesome for a kid like me. I loved playing the sport, watching guys who I wanted to be like one day. My parents would take my older brother and I to see the Illini play. We would tailgate with family and friends just outside the stadium. Walking into Memorial Stadium, my eyes would light up with the biggest smile knowing I was there to see my favorite team play. The atmosphere, family, cheering my team as they run onto the field, and watching Chief Illiniwek dance at halftime, that’s what made college football so amazing to me!

Most Saturday’s college football is on from 9am to midnight and it’s great! You get to see all the different conferences, the atmospheres, the differences in competition level throughout the day. With so many games on TV, you can choose conference by its channel affiliation. Being a Big Ten fan, I always know that a game will be on first thing in the morning. There is nothing like seeing a stadium like The Horseshoe in Columbus, Ohio or the Big House in Ann Arbor, Michigan being full of 100,000 screaming fans cheering. Traditions in college football are also why it’s so special. The dotting of the I in
Columbus, the Midnight yell at Texas A&M, Clemson’s touching of Howard’s Rock and the best of them all: Army vs Navy.


Uga X
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Mascots! Yes, we all love mascots. College football has 130 FBS teams and there are so many unique team names and with that come mascots. Who doesn’t love animals on the field like UGA the bulldog from Georgia, Ralphie the buffalo that runs with his handlers before Colorado games and Bevo the Longhorn that is on the sidelines for every Texas home game! There are so many more animals that are real and made up, like the Penn State Nittany Lion. Yes, the lion is real, but its name comes from a mountain near the university.

There are Blue Devils, Sun Devils, Huskies, Bulldogs, Cowboys. Even
natural disasters can have cool names like Cyclones, Hurricanes or even Golden Hurricanes. Yes, there are even mascot couples, like Wilbur and Wilma the Arizona Wildcat couple. Now your favorite mascot could get taken away by the NCAA and you could really upset about it knowing other schools have something similar, but nothing has happened to them. The most popular mascot name in college is, of course, Bulldog. There are so many more to name but seeing these mascots lead their team onto the field and just messing around on the sidelines is just another reason why college is unique.

Bowl Games

Bad Boy Mowers Gasparilla Bowl
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Who doesn’t like watching some of the most ridiculous bowl game on a random Tuesday in December? Would I miss the Famous Idaho Potato Bowl or the Bad Boy Mowers Gasparilla Bowl played between two teams I could care less about? Not a chance! Are there too many bowl games? Sure, but that’s not going to stop me from watching every single one of them. Bowl games give your favorite team that one last chance to end their season on a high note and see what the future holds going into the next season. You possibly get to play a team and visit a city that you would never see in your lifetime. College football will always be special to me and it’s why I love college football more than any more sport!