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2020 Draft Prospects I Love: Dylan Sanders Edition

Jaylon Johnson
Dylan Sanders
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Jaylon Johnson, CB, Utah

This is a name I’ve been screaming from the top of my lungs since the 2019 draft ended, and this season has only proven my love to be just. His stats, while impressive, don’t tell the whole story of Johnson. Opposing QBs oft chose not to challenge him this year, for good reason. He went up against #1 receivers week to week and embraced the challenge. Doubters will lead you to his game against Oregon. I’ll send you to his battles between Brandon Aiyuk and Isaiah Hodgins, where he came out on top both times. Johnson will be a day one starter, able to contribute both on the outside and in the nickel position. I’m booking a one-way flight to Johnson island.

Isaiah Hodgins
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Isaiah Hodgins, WR, Oregon State

Speaking of Isaiah Hodgins, I love this dude too! He is definitely in the conversation for best hands in the draft, which I feel doesn’t get talked about enough. The man had Jake Luton throwing his passes, and he only had one drop in over 100 targets this year. Hodgins has NFL-ready ball skills, and can contribute Day 1. He won’t start immediately, but with good coaching he can be a legitimate WR1. He’s a great route-runner for his size, 6 foot 4 inches, and can make the most acrobatic catches seem easy.

Joshua Kelley

Joshua Kelley, RB, UCLA

Now I would be lying to you if I didn’t say I have some bias on how much I like him on the field, because of how great of a person he is off of it. From the time I’ve spoken to him at the Senior Bowl, to him coming on the podcast, to trying to play cup pong against him, he is consistently one of the most genuinely nice people I’ve ever met. Now, as a player there’s just as much to love. He is a back that will dabble into doing it all. He prides himself in his blocking skills, he ran a 4.49 40, he can run through you and around you, he can even catch the ball surprisingly well. I think my pro comp to him is Pierre Thomas, a do it all back at a near-identical size. I think the right coach can turn him into something truly special at the next level.

Bradlee Anae

Bradlee Anae, EDGE, Utah

Another Utah defender, and if you know me, that’s the least surprising thing of all time! Anae is a player that’s all about effort. He will never give up on a play. He has an ELITE level of hand technique. His size is what keeps him back for a lot of people, but on the field he makes up for it with his hands. An explosive player that I see mainly contributing with his hands in the grass. In the right scheme, a team will be very happy with getting him in probably the late 2nd. His ceiling is very high with an above average height floor.