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Interview with Duquesne CB Reid Harrison-Ducros

Reid Harrison-Ducros
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How have you enjoyed the pre-draft process so far?

It’s been great! Being able to do something you love as your job is always fun. As well as training and becoming friends with other NFL prospects too is cool.

Unfortunately you weren’t able to have your pro day, what are you doing to make teams notice you?

Well I actually just did a virtual pro day right before this. So I videoed myself going through an actual pro day routine (two 40s, two short shuttles, one L drill). I ran a 4.39 40, 3.85 Short Shuttle and a 6.42 L Drill to give you a few numbers. So even though I couldn’t do the pro day in front of scouts, I just adjusted and decided to video it because the draft is still set for late April so there’s no time to waste.

You had an interesting journey, what brought you to Boise State initially, and then what did you like about Duquesne?

Honestly I fell in love with the place. Boise State football is one of the most well known programs nationwide which is what first attracted me. Then visiting there, it’s like a Texas high school movie feel but on a way bigger stage. What I mean by that is the whole town is 110% invested in their football team. The whole town shuts down to go to the games and EVERY game is packed no matter the opponent. It’s one of a kind. With Duquense it was definitely different than Boise State. The stands aren’t packed, the stadium isn’t nearly as big, you don’t have the resources that a program like Boise has. But, I will say that they truly are invested in every player and the entire football team is close with one another. It’s like one big family. As well as while I was there there were a lot of players just like me, who had transferred from FBS to FCS. So it was an easier transition because of that.

Darrelle Revis
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Who are your 5 favorite cornerbacks of all time?

 That’s a tough question.

1. Darrelle Revis
2. Deion Sanders
3. Aeneas Williams
4. Champ Bailey
5. Chris Harris Jr

Where do you feel most comfortable, on the outside or in the slot?

I’m honestly comfortable in both positions. In the slot, everything happens a lot faster than on the outside. You have to be ready for the run game, read your keys faster, see through the muck of the front 7, as well as be ready to lock down the slot and their type of route tree. On the outside you still have to lock down your WR and the intensity is still there, but things are different because there aren’t as many moving parts. If you’re in zone there aren’t as many keys, but if you’re in man you’re truly on an island and have to play it as if you don’t have any help at all. So to sum it up, yes I feel comfortable in both the slot and outside, it’s just a different approach to each.

What is one thing about your game that you feel goes unnoticed?

How much film study I put in every week. One thing I pride myself on is being over prepared for when the game comes. So each week I’ll watch about 4-6 hours of film on my own. I do this to pick up on tendencies that the offense has as well as see what each WR does and their tendencies. For example if a WR rubs his gloves together before a play that’s supposed to come his way, or if a QB double takes to the side he’s planning on throwing to. Things like that help the game slow down and give me that extra step during a play which can be the difference between a PBU and a INT.

Reid Harrison-Ducros

You’ve played a ton of football, both in FBS and FCS, what is the biggest challenge you faced and how did you prepare?

I’d say playing against Washington State. That game against them was the most electrifying game I’ve ever been in. Playing a team ranked in the Top 25, at their house, on ESPN, it was awesome. It’s the games you dreamed about playing in as a kid. But it also makes you study that much harder because you don’t want to let your teammates down in front of everyone too. So to prepare I don’t remember how many hours I put in preparing but I know it was a lot. From extra film study, to extra practice film study, to eating and hydrating extra, stretching extra. Anything I could to prepare myself to be the best I could come game time.

What is your favorite on or off field moment in your career?

Definitely winning the NEC championship my Junior year at Duquense. Before we won that game I had not won a championship since pee wee football. Nothing in middle school, no playoff wins in high school and the year I left Boise State is when they won the MWC. So finally checking that box off was a dream come true.

Jerry Schmitt

What is the best Jerry Schmitt or Dave Opfar story you can tell us?

Well, one I can actually tell you isn’t really a story it’s just funny. So Coach Schmitt I guess gets sun burned badly so every practice when it’s hot, he’d smell and look like a fresh tube of sunscreen. Much love to Coach Schmitt though he’s an outstanding guy.

And now for a personal favorite question that we ask everyone, if you had to participate in the NFL’s My Cause/My Cleats program today, what would your cause be?

That’s an awesome question. If I had to choose one, I’d say it’d be something with ocean cleanup / environment cleanup. I’ve donated to organizations like 4Ocean which helps cleanup trash in the ocean, I’ve also donated to the Amazon rainforest fires as well as the Australian wildfires. So my cause would be related to the environment because it’s something I’ve been invested in in the past and will continue to be invested in.