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Throwback Thursday: Jarrad Davis Scouting Report

Jarrad Davis Scouting Report
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Happy Thursday everybody, this is just something that I’m trying out this week and if it gets positive feedback then I’ll continue it. Every Thursday I’m hoping to take a look back at a scouting report, big board, mock draft, anything of mine that is an old work. While looking back, I’ll be analyzing/evaluating how that piece has aged so without further adieu, I bring you my first ever written scouting report that I published on a free WordPress page I started up.

I’ll preface this by saying any new comments I have, I’ll add in parentheses in the report below. I’d also like to apologize for grammar errors, I’m not touching the report aside from my thoughts in parentheses and adding pictures. I haven’t re-read this before starting this post so you’ll essentially be getting my live thoughts on this. Thanks for reading!

NAME: Jarrad Davis

SCHOOL: Florida

POSITION: Linebacker

CLASS: Senior

HEIGHT: 6’1″

WEIGHT: 238 Pounds

2015 STATISTICS: 14 games played, 50 solo tackles, 44 assisted tackles, 94 total tackles, 11 tackles for loss, 3.5 sacks, 1 interception, 4 pass deflections, 1 forced fumble

2016 STATISTICS: 9 games played, 29 solo tackles, 31 assisted tackles, 60 total tackles, 6 tackles for loss, 2 sacks, 4 pass deflections

JArrad Davis Florida

STRENGTHS: In the three games of film that I focused on Jarrad Davis, I found myself thinking repeatedly, “This dude can hit.” Florida brought the highlight reel hit-stick last year with Keanu Neal, and Jarrad Davis carried that title for the Gator defense this past season. Jarrad Davis is an aggressive football player with a motor that doesn’t stop. In his film, you can see him come from across the field and chase down running backs or wide receivers to make the tackle. The main knock that you’ll see in the draft community on Jarrad Davis is that he has no instincts and can’t defend the pass. After watching his tape, I have to disagree. (OOF.) He’s no Luke Kuechly in coverage, but he’s no Nick Bellore, either. Davis has decent coverage skills and he has the eyes to make the plays, just not the soft hands. In the game against Vanderbilt, Davis tipped a ball that then went into a teammates hands.

Davis is a great form tackler that almost always wraps up and rolls through, (DOUBLE OOF.) which seems to happen less and less in today’s world of football. Another thing that Davis does well that a good amount of young defensive players don’t do is that he knows how to set the edge and force the run inside. Nowadays, we see more big plays than ever, and part of that is defenders not setting the edge properly and letting plays get to the sideline.

JArrad Davis

WEAKNESSES: There were two notes that I wrote for all three games under the “minus” column, overly aggressive and weak pass rushing. (Fast-forward to the 2019-20 season and he’s best as a blitzing ILB) I’m not sure if Alabama specifically game-planned to take advantage of his aggression, but they ran multiple counter runs and misdirections and Davis would often bite and over pursue. Jonah Williams on Alabama also had a field day against Davis, who was playing with an injured ankle, but he still got manhandled. (Honestly, I don’t remember the Jonah Williams part at all, little did I know he would become the best tackle in college football.)

Jarrad Davis is an aggressive football player and most people love that, especially from the linebacker position. Davis tends to be overly aggressive to the point that he has roughing the passer called against him and that he can sometimes join in a gang tackle and wrap up the neck area, which could lead to facemasks or injuries. Davis would over pursue running backs, abandon his zone too early, and try to go for bit hits on the QB way too late.

Davis is not known as a pass-rusher, he’s not known as a coverage linebacker, he’s known as a run-stuffer and hard-hitter. In order to become a star in this league though, it is imperative that he develops either his coverage skill or his pass-rushing skill. (Which he developed, just never became a star. Also looking back, he should have developed both) While not a terrible cover man, he definitely leaves a lot to be desired. Davis’ weakest skill in my opinion would be his pass-rushing skill. Davis utilizes just one pass-rushing move, and it’s the bull rush. The bull rush performed by Davis isn’t even something that he excels at, he holds some power in his bull rush, but not enough to get through all college offensive linemen, let alone how it will work against professional offensive linemen.

SUMMARY: Jarrad Davis is a fast, powerful linebacker who is steadily improving both physically and mentally on the football field. Whatever team takes him, if it’s after pick 13, I think will be getting a steal, the things that he’s good at, he can be great at and the things that he’s bad at, he can get better at. I see Jarrad Davis as a multiple time Pro Bowler and a fan favorite wherever he ends up. (Welp.)

Bobby Wagner

PRO COMPARISON: Bobby Wagner, Seattle Seahawks (We’ve found it. The worst take I have ever had and the worst take I will ever have. I honestly don’t even know what I was thinking by saying “yeah, this guy that sucks in coverage is totally like Bobby Wagner. I think I was more thinking of it as a ceiling than comparison, but I can’t tell you for sure, maybe it was just the biceps, who knows.)


BEST TEAM FITS: Buffalo Bills, Oakland Raiders, Detroit Lions (This is one that I nailed and I’m still proud of.)