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2020 Miami Dolphins Offseason Plan

Miami Dolphins
Brandon Olsen
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Team Needs:

  QB, EDGE, CB, OT, WR, C, S, WR, RB

Available Draft Picks:

1.5, 1.18, 1.26, 2.39, 2.56, 3.70, 4.142, 5.170, 6.185, 6.187, 6.197, 7.246, 7.250

Starting Cap Space:



Josh Rosen Dolphins

MIA trades 1.5, 2.39, and 2021 2nd & 3rd round picks to WAS for 1.2

The Dolphins have more freedom than anybody else when it comes to being aggressive this offseason. Trading up here allows Miami to go up and draft anybody not named Joe Burrow while only losing two picks in this draft and next. While the picks are valuable ones, it’s difficult to put a price on the future of your organization.

MIA trades QB Josh Rosen to NOLA for pick 5.169

It’s clear that Josh Rosen has no place in Miami and isn’t in the future plans of the organization, cut your losses and at least get something of value for him. Adding a late-round pick gives the Dolphins the potential to add another new piece to their roster that could become a contributor.


Reshad Jones Dolphins

S Reshad Jones to save $7,026,667

While Reshad Jones has been one of the best Dolphins over the past decade, he eats up a huge amount of the cap and he was hardly a part of the team during the 2019 season. The team is on the hook still for about $8.5M but at a cheaper price tag, it pays off a bit more to keep him around for at least veteran leadership.


Albert Wilson Dolphins

WR Albert Wilson to save $9,500,000

EDGE Taco Charlton to save $1,832,507

Albert Wilson has shown promise during his time in Miami, but he hasn’t shown that he can be worth the massive contract that he signed as an unproven talent out of Kansas City. Taco Charlton was a healthy scratch for a quarter of the season in 2019, so it’s fairly safe to say that his time with the Dolphins has run its course.


Matt Haack

CB Aqib Talib for 1 year, $4,500,000 ($2.5M GTD)

P Matt Haack for 1 year, $3,278,000 (second-round tender)

I know most people assume that Aqib Talib would be on his way out of Miami, but his familiarity with Head Coach Brian Flores could keep him on the Dolphins. With his age and durability concerns over the past two seasons, Talib should be available for cheaper than he’s signed for previously. Bringing back Matt Haack for a second-round tender makes him a decently-paid punter and gives him another season to prove himself before extending long-term.

Free Agent Signings:

Byron Jones Dolphins
Mandatory Credit: Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

EDGE Yannick Ngakoue for 4 years, $68,400,000 ($55M GTD)

CB Byron Jones for 4 years, $67,200,000 ($48M GTD)

WR Robby Anderson for 3 years, $40,500,000 ($37.5M GTD)

S Tony Jefferson for 2 years, $14,400,000 ($10M GTD)

OT Bryan Bulaga for 1 year, $10,500,000 ($8M GTD)

TE Hunter Henry for 1 year, $8,900,000 ($5M GTD)

With an abundance of cap space, the Miami Dolphins should be massive spenders this offseason, even into overpay territory on some veterans. Adding Yannick Ngakoue gives the Dolphins a premier pass-rusher that should be able to be a consistent force on the edge. Byron Jones is one of the best cornerbacks in the NFL so paying him to play opposite Xavien Howard gives Miami arguably the best cornerback duo in the NFL, shades of A.J. Bouye and Jalen Ramsey here. Tony Jefferson was recently cut by the Ravens but he’s still an immensely talented football player and seems like a genuinely great person so bringing in someone to compete in that secondary and bring a winning mindset is a big plus for this defense and locker room.

I’ve never been one to advocate for Robby Anderson, but his ability to stretch the field on a consistent basis would help this offense immensely and if you have the money to throw at someone that can do that, why not? Bryan Bulaga may be up there in age but he can still contribute at a higher-level than anyone else the Dolphins could field at right tackle. It might seem like a slight overpay, but Miami still has plenty of money to spend on a one-year starter if they want to compete right away. Hunter Henry has spent his whole career struggling to stay healthy, perhaps signing big money for one year is the way to go for him to maybe prove he can stay healthy as a second tight end.

Draft Results:

Tua Tagovailoa

Pick 1.2 – Tua Tagovailoa, QB, Alabama

Following the trade up and positive medicals, the Dolphins grabe who some people think is the top quarterback in the draft. If he’s healthy, Tua just might have the highest floor of the quarterbacks.

Andrew Thomas

Pick 1.18 – Andrew Thomas, OT, Georgia

One of the most powerful offensive linemen in this year’s draft, Thomas can help protect the new investment that the Dolphins made at signal-caller. Thomas and Bulaga could be one of the strongest tackle duos in the NFL this season.

Terrell LEwis

Pick 1.26 – Terrell Lewis, EDGE, Alabama

Lewis has length, athleticism, and one of the highest football IQs you can find in a 21-year old defender. Another Alabama player with some injury concerns, Lewis says he’s healthy now and ready to contribute. HE likely won’t be a double-digit sack artist off the bat but given some development, don’t be surprised if he looks like a steal in a few years time.

Cam Dantzler

Pick 2.56 – Cam Dantzler, CB, Mississippi State

With the ability to play in both man and zone coverage, Dantzler is one of the more complete cornerbacks in the class. Dantzler has the potential to develop into a top balanced cornerback, his physicality is lacking but if a team doesn’t have an issue with that, he could be a long-term starter.

MAtt Hennessy

Pick 3.70 – Matt Hennessy, IOL, Temple

Hennessy is an immediate starter-quality interior offensive lineman. Capable of blocking in multiple schemes with the athleticism to move along the interior, Hennessy could be a great value pick. He likely won’t be putting out highlight reels laying out defenders, but he’s a consistent blocker with a high floor.

Lynn Bowden Jr.

Pick 4.142 – Lynn Bowden Jr., OW, Kentucky

Bowden is one of the few players that is going to get the offensive weapon tag from me. An electric ball-carrier that moved to quarterback this past year for Kentucky when the team needed him to, his character is unmatched here. Adding a contributor and leader on day 3 is a gift to the team, get Bowden the ball and let him make plays; an immediate younger and cheaper replacement for Albert Wilson.

Michael Divinity Jr.

Pick 5.169 – Michael Divinity Jr., LB/EDGE, LSU

The ability to move around between off-ball linebacker and edge rusher would be valuable to this defense that likes to show multiple looks. Divinity has some things to clean up on and off the field, but he has a decent ceiling if he can put it all together.

AJ Dillon

Pick 5.170 – AJ Dillon, RB, Boston College

Kalen Ballage has really not worked out to this point so bringing in another power optio is the smart move. Dillon has shown his ability to carry the ball a ton and remain healthy. His specialty is running through contact and up the middle consistently, which when you take a running back this late, you know you’re likely getting a specialist.

Alohi Gilman

Pick 6.185 – Alohi Gilman, S, Notre Dame

Gilman can bang down low and breaks up passes as his first instinct. More box safety than deep safety, I would expect Alohi Gilman to be a low-level replacement who can spot-start if he’s needed to. Gilman got banged up at the Senior Bowl but from what I liked what I did get to see from him.

Michael Pinckney

Pick 6.187 – Michael Pinckney, LB, Miami

An absolute banger in the second level, keeping Pinckney in Miami is just a plus. With experience, leadership, and an endless motor, Pinckney brings a level of seniority that few rookies can. In coverage, Pinckney has a decent eye to play zone coverage, but I wouldn’t stick him in man coverage too often.

Stephen Sullivan

Pick 6.197 – Stephen Sullivan, TE, LSU

Sullivan used to play wide receiver so he’s strictly a flex tight end at this point. He shows effort when blocking but until he picks up more strength, he won’t be a mover in the run game. Sullivan should be an absolute mismatch nightmare whenever he sees the field.

JJ Taylor

Pick 7.246 – JJ Taylor, RB, Arizona

Taylor is the polar opposite of AJ Dillon. More of a scat-back type player, Taylor can be explosive with the ball in his hands. He’s tiny, but he can make anybody whiff on him, I’d expect him to be an ankle-snatcher if defenders get aggressive.

Bryce PErkins

Pick 7.250 – Bryce Perkins, QB, Virginia

Perkins has top-flight athleticism for a quarterback (not Lamar level, but better than most), but he’s too reliant on his legs. More of a gadget quarterback, this is a “hopefully he can develop” pick, taking a quarterback late after taking one early isn’t unheard of and with a pick this late, there’s almost no risk.

Cap Space Spent on Re-signings:


Cap Space Spent on Free Agents:


Cap Space Spent on Draft Picks:


Total Cap Remaining:



Tua Tagovailoa
Mandatory Credit: John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

QB: Tua Tagovailoa(if healthy)/Ryan Fitzpatrick

RB: Total RBBC (Dillon, Laird, Taylor)

Pass Catchers

deVante Parker

WR1:  DeVante Parker

WR2: Preston Williams

WR3: Robby Anderson

TE1: Mike Gesicki

TE2: Hunter Henry

Offensive Line

Daniel Kilgore

LT: Andrew Thomas

LG: Michael Deiter

C: Daniel Kilgore

RG: Matt Hennessy

RT: Bryan Bulaga

Defensive Line

Christian Wilkins
Mandatory Credit: Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

DE: Christian Wilkins

NT: Davon Godchaux

DE: Charles Harris/Gerald Willis III

Linebacker Starters

Raekwon McMillan
(Allen Eyestone / The Palm Beach Post)

OLB: Yannick Ngakoue

ILB: Raekwon McMillan

ILB: Jerome Baker

OLB: Terrell Lewis

Secondary Starters

Xavien Howard

CB: Byron Jones

CB: Xavien Howard

Slot CB: Bobby McCain

S: Tony Jefferson

S: Reshad Jones

Special Teamers

Jason Sanders
Mandatory Credit: Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

K: Jason Sanders

P: Matt Haack

KOS: Jason Sanders

LS: Taybor Pepper

KR: Jakeem Grant

PR: Jakeem Grant

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Dude why on earth are we gonna give up an draft capital for a QB who is not sure thing and we don’t need a WR especially not Robby no hands Anderson and hunter Henry isn’t coming to south beach and if he did he’s be TE1 your moves make very little sense to me you need go back to drawing board

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