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2020 Draft Prospects I Love

Ke'Shawn Vaughn
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Ke’Shawn Vaughn RB Vanderbilt

Vaughn was probably the first player I’ve seen in this draft class throughout my evaluations. I’ve had countless twitter arguments about how he is a top back in this class and I don’t plan to stop. Vaughn is one of the more well-rounded backs in this class. He possesses elite traits and doesn’t have any massive weaknesses. Vaughn’s 2018 tape is a sight to see, as you can see his elite speed, acceleration, explosiveness, and his mixture of speed-power all throughout his tape. His 2019 tape isn’t as great, as he’s hindered by one of the worst offensive teams in the SEC. But, you can see that he’s still the same explosive RB he was in 2018, and he doesn’t stand down from being a better back in this class. Not only is he an incredible athlete, he is also a receiving threat  and holds his own as a pass blocker. He will be an extremely effective all-down  running back (especially on passing downs) for some NFL team. (Grade: Early day two)

Quartney Davis

Quartney Davis WR Texas A&M

Davis’ stock rapidly rose in January at Senior Bowl practices, and for good reason. He made waves working for popular coaches such as “The footwork king’ and “Drobalwaysopen”, showing that he has an elite drive to get better. During the season, Davis displayed good route running skills, YAC ability,  and everything he needs to be to be a serviceable WR in the NFL. He caught my eye during the Senior Bowl process, as he showed his improved route running against other draft prospects. Davis eats up space for a living and is a route-running specialist. This time next year, we will be talking about how good his debut campaign was. (Mid Day 2)

Cheyenne O'Grady

.Cheyenne O’Grady TE Arkansas

Cheyenne O’Grady’s stock has rapidly fallen since the season started due to being kicked off the team due to off-the-field issues, something he struggled with in his time at Arkansas. I still have faith in him, as he has massive talent on the field. He gives me Kelce vibes (not comparing him to Kelce just reminds me of him). He can block( though raw) and is an extremely athletic TE. He can run routes pretty well, and catches a lot of passes.. He’s really fast for a TE, and fits the mold of  a modern-day TE coaches would love to have.  He would have to fix his off the field issues, so somewhere like New England would be a great fit, as O’Grady could fill the Athletic TE spot they’ve missed since Gronk left. (Mid-Late Day 2 Grade)

Justin Jefferson

Justin Jefferson WR LSU

I just watched Justin Jefferson today and I feel extremely stupid that I waited so long. He’s definitely one of my favorite WRS in this class. He has elite traits all around. His separation ability is in a class of its own and is elite in several other things. His combination of speed and elite traits make him an extremely deadly prospect. He can hit you up top or in the backfield. Any team with a need at WR will quickly look towards this all-around threat. (Late Round 1)