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Interview with Memphis EDGE Bryce Huff

Bryce Huff
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Recently, I was lucky enough to be able to sit and talk with Memphis Edge Rusher, Bryce Huff. Listed at 6’3” 255, Bryce had a very productive career for the Tigers and really got his name on scouts’ radars after a 9.5 sack season in 2018. This earned him a spot at the Shrine Bowl this year which was a huge step for him in the draft process. Overall Bryce Huff is a guy with good values and is a team first guy if I’ve ever seen one. With that being said, take a look at my interview with 2020 NFL Draft Prospect, Bryce Huff.

Q: “You were in St. Pete 2 weeks ago for the Shrine Bowl. How was that experience?”

Bryce Huff: “I feel like it was a pretty cool experience. Going down there to play in that game to benefit the kids at the Shrine Hospital, they’re going through a lot, so helping with their situation is pretty cool. And also getting to learn from NFL coaches and see how they processed the game was a cool experience just opened my eyes to see how deep the game can go. Cool to see them breaking downplays and pre-snap reads and getting around guys that take the game as seriously as I do with the guys that focus on all the right things on the field and putting the right things in their body was great.


Q: “What was the daily experience like for you there (Shrine Game)?

Bryce Huff: “I was on the West team, so we practiced later on in the day. Woke up, had breakfast and while the East team had practice, we’d have meetings and after that we’d go to the field, and start practicing. We’d also have interviews with scouts. After that we were taking reaction tests which were basically standardized tests.”

Q: “Coming into Memphis you were only a 2-star recruit. Did you ever yourself making it to the Shrine Game and did that put a chip on your shoulder throughout college?”

Bryce Huff: “I’ve always been a hard worker, but being a small recruit, coming in with 4-star recruits, I saw a difference in how everyone else works. Different recruits were treated differently throughout the recruiting phase, going to different schools. A head coach at a bigger school would shake a 5 star’s hand, but they would just walk right by me. That put the biggest chip on my shoulder. Throughout this process working hard to help my team win was my main focus. Going into my Junior Season I feel like I had an individual mindset and I feel like that was the biggest thing from Junior Season to Senior Season. Instead of wanting to go out and get 3 sacks this game I wanted to win so that was what probably what helped me most.”


Q: “Why Memphis?”

Bryce Huff: “I feel like that was my biggest school, biggest offer. The coaches, the way they were talking to me about using me to get to the next level and I just agreed with a lot of what Coach Norvell was preaching and how he ran his program.”

Q: “Can you talk a little bit about the relationships you made at Memphis and how valuable those experiences were with your teammates and coaches?”

Bryce Huff: “Yeah they were pretty valuable. Being at Memphis it was a cool experience because everyone took the grind so seriously. We’d hit the field and we’d all work with the same mentality. We’d go out there and push ourselves every day. Just pushing our bodies to our limits and going to get treatment and ice everyday (along with) stretching and keeping our bodies right.”

Huff Memphis

Q: “What is a strength of yours, and also a weakness?”

Bryce Huff: “My first step, especially when I’m going off of timing the snap instead of just seeing the ball move first. When I time it properly there is no one that can block me, in the nation. My biggest weakness? I’m sure all the scouts and people have a weakness marked up somewhere, but I feel like the thing I need to work on most, I don’t know if this shows up on film or not, but would be my step after I beat a lineman’s hands. I need to make sure I continue to work on. I’ve been out here in Fort Worth, working with my d-line coach and we’ve been working on everything. By the time I get with my team and we get ready to hit the field, I’ll be able to really dominate my first year in the league.”

Q: “What’s your go-to pass rush move?”

Bryce Huff: “It really just depends on film. Personally, I like running by people, but that’s not always a go to because guys know how to kick in the league. I’ll say it depends what I see on film and the coaching I’ll get at the next level, that’ll be able to unlock my potential even more.”

Bryce Huff

Q: “Who’s a Memphis player no one is talking about that we need to look out for next season?”

Bryce Huff: “There’s a lot of guys on my team that no one’s talking about. JJ Russell, Tim Hart, Joseph Dorceus, Jalil Clemons, Everitt Cunningham, O’Bryan Goodson, and Thomas Pickens. Pretty much everyone on defense because those are the guys I work closely with, we got some offensive guys with some buzz around their name, but really the guys on our defense we have ballers across the board. I couldn’t tell you what it’s been but coming out of high school, seeing all the guys in my class and how naturally gifted they were I don’t understand why they don’t have hype behind their names right now.”

Q: “Antonio Gibson is also going through this process, have you been in touch with him lately?”

Bryce Huff: “I talked to him a few times, after the Senior Bowl and how it went. I’ve been keeping tabs on everybody for the most part.”

Q: “Who’s the best player you went up against all year?”

Bryce Huff: “I’d have to say the running back from Penn State, Journey Brown…out of all the teams we played against he gave us the most trouble as a team.”