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K'Lavon Chaisson
Dylan Sanders
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It’s June 2015, and K’Lavon Chaisson is accompanying his friend and LSU hopeful Eric Monroe to a camp. Chaisson hadn’t played a single snap of varsity football, and might not have been planning to. He wasn’t planning on doing anything other than observing. He left that day with a scholarship offer from LSU. Neither he nor his grandmother could believe it. Fast-forward 2 years and he is a 4-star recruit playing in the Under Armor All-American Game. Signing day arrives and he is leaving Houston, TX for Baton Rouge, LA.

As you can tell, the man is an athletic freak, 6’4 250 lbs. of pure muscle. He also runs somewhere around a 4.6 40, but don’t be surprised if he runs sub 4.6 at the eventual combine he’ll go to. His game doesn’t stop there. He attacks it from a mental angle even more than his physicality. He studies relentlessly in both game prep and normal schoolwork, as he is a multiple time All-SEC Academic Honor Roll recipient. He views football like a game of chess.


I personally think that Chaisson gets labeled as just a pass-rusher too quickly, and Chaisson agrees.

There were a few games this year where he was dropping back in coverage MORE than blitzing. Now HE said he was like Antonio Cromartie in coverage and I wouldn’t go THAT far, but he certainly held his own! He just seems to make plays all over the field. His 14 TFLs and 6.5 sacks will show that, but he says people focus too much on the stat sheet when criticizing him, and I would say that’s true. Watch him play, and you’ll see a far bigger impact than his already impressive stat sheet will show you.

A whole new level of impressiveness comes in his leadership. Coaches love a player that can lead. You can tell that coaches and players alike love his fire and drive to be the best. He wears the coveted #18 as a Redshirt Sophomore. For the uninitiated, that is awarded to the player(s) that exemplify what it means to be an LSU Tiger, a leader, and a role model for the rest of the team. He has lived up to that, as during the Peach Bowl broadcast he was shown in the middle of a huddle of defensive players. This specific time, he was saying how the already had the game in hand and telling the players to stop the extra pushing and shoving so as to not get suspended for the first half of the championship.

He was sidelined for all but one game of the 2018 season, and during the weaker part of the schedule during this season due to injury. He seems to be fully healthy from his torn ACL and is playing his best football of the season, and it couldn’t be coming at a better time. He is both physically and mentally ready to make his mark on the National Championship game.

Chaisson is currently projected to be a late first round draft pick if he declares, but he is #8 on my 2020 big board. Once NFL coaches get a chance to see him in action and meet him, don’t be surprised if he gets drafted in the top 10. I’ll be super jealous of whatever fan base that ends up with him on their roster. If he was able to walk into a summer camp in street clothes, and walk out with a scholarship, anything is possible for LSU Game Changer K’Lavon Chaisson.