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Trevon Diggs Scouting Report

Trevon Diggs
Josh Berg
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Trevon Diggs




220 lbs.

Athletic Ability 8.9/10

Diggs is a pretty athletic player. His fluidity at versatility are some of his high points as a player. He can play on all sides of the field in different sub-packages and levels of the defense. He has really good speed to keep up with the receivers and has the physical play to give himself advantages in his matchup. He is a rangy player with the ability to flip a switch into high gear in the blink of an eye, and because of his versatility you can see him in all different spots of the field making different types of plays depending on the coverages he is lined up in.


Play Speed 9.0/10

Diggs is fast. Very fast. He will run between a 4.35-4.45. He can keep up with any receiver at any given point from any spot on the field. He has a great first jump when he wants to and can catch up to receivers with ease and cause breakups. The only time Diggs falls behind consistently is when he gives his receiver to much space at the line of scrimmage and the receiver can time its route to beat him. Speed is a very big asset to Trevon’s success.

Play Strength 9.1/10

I love Diggs’ physical style of play. He plays with an edge and it is very exciting to watch. He has a go-to move in press coverages where he will stick his arm out right into the receivers face, and this causes them to slow down, get off the line less-quickly and give Diggs the ability to try and read the route they were going to run. Although he is a rough tackler when Diggs hits you with that first impact it is hard. He has a tendency to be really up in the opponent’s face when in the press and it causes havoc for route runners all over the field. My favorite trait by far on Diggs.

Ball Skills 8.5/10

Diggs is not considered a ball hawk by any means, and he does not make a lot of plays on the ball because of where he is often lined up, but when it is called upon him to make a play, he does make it. Diggs is more suitable as a slot or zone cover corner, so most of his plays are short or intermediate passing routes that he stops right after the catch is made. This makes it hard to judge his ball skills because there is so little tape on it. With that being said on the plays where he did have to make a play on the football, I was relatively impressed. He used his speed to get up to the receiver and was able to place himself in the right spot to make a play. He uses his speed and physical nature to give himself a distinct advantage over the wideout.


Football IQ 8.4/10

Diggs is a communicator. It is very fun to watch him breakdown the offense and adjust the secondary on film. You will see him start off lining up one on one against a player on the outside, and then instantaneously go full on blitz and get in the backfield. The part that makes those plays so exciting is the other defensive backs are able to rotate with ease into different spots because of Diggs’ ability to break the offense down. This does come with drawbacks of course as Diggs can be wrong at times and coverages can be blown, but also because he takes too long to process sometimes and it leaves a gap in the defense anyways, allowing easy throws to be completed because he was out of position. 

Run Support 7.4/10

In my opinion the weakest part of Diggs’ game on the field. When asked to blitz the quarterback, Diggs has no problem blazing full-speed ahead and getting into the backfield and making a play. However, when asked to stop the run Diggs looks lazy and uninvolved. There are plays where he seems to just “take off” or purposely be uninvolved in. Most of the time you will see him watch the play develop and he will not get involved unless the play is about to break free. You see it a lot where he will be in the corner of the screen just slowly walking towards the pile, instead of trying to make a play. This also goes hand in hand with his average-to below average tackling skills coming into play. When Diggs does get involved in the play and tries to wrap up the ball-carrier, it is never a clean tackle, he often needs a second defender or a second effort to bring the offensive player to the ground.

 Hips 8.2/10

This was tricky to grade for Diggs because he was rarely ever lined up in a position to flip and turn his body. Because he is either lined up against a receiver and gives them space, he can just keep them out in front by giving them the space and has no need to flip his hips or change direction. And then on plays where he presses, he jams the receiver at the line and it will either turn into a foot race, or a non-contested play because the receiver runs off his route pattern. There are a few times where Diggs has trouble transitioning his footing from a back-pedal to a pure faceguard or chase down. This will cause slow hip movement which is why the grade is dragged lower than it probably could be.

Trevon Diggs

Tackling 8.3/10

As mentioned above Diggs is not that great at tackling. He is a physical player but has really poor tackling technique. His point of attack is often way to high causing missed tackles and penalties. He needs a better starting point for his tackles to begin, if he can change his course of attack to aim more for the middle and lower parts of the body, he will be much more successful at bringing down his opponents.

Man Coverage 8.3/10

If I was basing this off of pure man to man coverage this grade would be a lot higher. But there are other variables that go into this grade than pure man to man coverage skills. Diggs often times will give his receiver to much separation making it extremely easy to get those short to intermediate gains against him (when not lined up a press coverage). Diggs has a tendency to lose his receiver for a moment due to poor transitioning from a back-pedal to a coverage stance. Diggs’ overall coverage skills are fairly good. He can keep up with his receiver using his speed and break up passes often causing wideouts headaches while running routes. What also makes him impressive is his press coverage technique. He jams the receiver up at the line and tries to win the battle at the line of scrimmage (which he often does). Very impressed with Diggs’ press work.

Zone Coverage 8.8/10

Diggs does a great job of communicating on the back end; he does not get enough credit for doing that. Him and the other defensive backs are all in sync a lot of the time and their switches in coverage are always very smooth. Diggs does a great job reading the QB and jumping to different places on the field. Although I will say this sometimes costs him because he will try to decipher the QB too much and he gets beat because of a blown coverage. But I feel Diggs is much more effective in a zone scheme because it can allow him to do the two things, he is really good at and likes to do. Be physical at the line of scrimmage, or sag back and give the route runner some space. Both Diggs does on almost every play anyways so might as well use those points and turn them into strengths. 

Diggs Alabama

Big Game Extra 4.0/5

I think Diggs has a lot of potential in his game. He is a corner that is built to play in today’s pass heavy NFL. He is a long, rangy and physical corner with all the right skill sets to develop into a starter in this league. He played at Alabama, the best in the country, and was able to perform at an extremely high level in that system. He has elite speed and press coverage skills with all the athletic traits to match up against anyone. The ceiling for him is to be as good as my pro comparison down below. Which I think he can reach that potential.

Concerns- -2.5

I have some real concerns with Diggs, two really not being limited to this grading scale. The first one is his injury history; he missed most of last season due to a broken foot. If this injury lingers, which I have no belief that it will, it will have serious drawbacks to what he can do on the defensive side of the ball both from an athletic perspective, and a coverage perspective. The other non-grading scale concern I had with Diggs is penalties. His physical nature as a cornerback causes a lot of penalties throughout the game, and with the way the NFL is transitioning it could mean Diggs will need some serious alterations to his coverage style. The last minor concern I want to bring up is his run support and tackling. I consider these both minor issues in Diggs’ craft because they are both a technique, and usage thing that can be easily coached up and fixed but based on college tape they are something to keep an eye on.


Overall the really good traits about Diggs are some of my favorite things to see in a corner. A long, rangy, physically and athletically gifted defensive back with a knack for reading offenses. He has elite speed and athletic ability that other corners in this class would dream of having. He can be used in both the slot and outside as well as an all-out blitzer off the edges. He has the ability to stop receivers at the top of their route just because of his brute force at the line of scrimmage, and he does a great job on the backend of controlling coverages and making adjustments based on what he sees on the offensive end. Diggs needs to better his tackling technique and effort during the run, but if those tools are refined, I see a bright future for this Alabama Crimson Tide defensive back.

Pro Comparison: Darius Slay

Overall Grade: 86.4