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Fantasy Football Takeaways from Week 5

Thomas DiNapoli
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Week 5, you beautiful soul; sort of. A lot of good happened, a lot of bad happened, and really, now it’s time to learn from the mistake we all made this weekend, in life and in fantasy football. To the classroom!

Being right is the best feeling ever

Will Fuller V

After telling the wonderful readers of Whole Nine Sports to add Will Fuller V this week, he just puts up the third most points in fantasy football over the last decade. Not a big deal. Not a slam dunk or anything. Except, it is a big deal. Thank me later, or now. The thinking was that at home against a struggling Atlanta defense and no Kenny Stills, Fuller V was in for a big day. In advance, this negates any wrong things that may come from this series of articles. I don’t make the rules, it’s just how it is.

Baker Mayfield is non-starter material until further notice

Baker Mayfield

Mayfield has only scored double-digit points twice in five weeks. Monday in San Francisco, he accumulated negative points. While he’s had a tough schedule, Baker owners cannot continue to take this hit.  It stinks for those who may have drafted him early, but if you did, the fantasy football community, not the people in your league, hope you drafted a solid backup, or for some reason Garner Minshew is still available for you to pick up.

Jordan Howard is the guy…sort of

Jordan Howard

After what some thought was a fluke, Howard came back in week 5 to show us one thing. He is the Eagles goal line back. Which means, he should be added if available. The touchdown upside is too much to ignore. The Eagles move the ball and they score. On the week Jordan does not get in the end zone it may be a little rough, but given the right matchup, he’s a great flex option.

Terry McLaurin has a lot of value for week 6

Terry McLaurin

Sure he only caught three passes for 51 yards, but it was against the Patriots defense. Also, Case Keenum is back for week 6 and McLaurin hasn’t scored less than 17 PPR points with Keenum as signal caller this year. McLaurin was hurt, then faced the Patriots. Against the Dolphins, he’s going to be good to go.

Patrick Mahomes isn’t the same hurt

Patrick Mahomes

Well who is? No one. No knock on him at all, but we all saw him limping and how that affected his play. It’s crazy to even suggest, but if he’s hobbled, you may want to look elsewhere. He may not have a Mahomes-esque game.

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