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Fantasy Takeaways from Week 1 in the NFL

Saquon Barkley
Thomas DiNapoli
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With Week 1 officially in the books, I hope your teams did better than mine. That’s in the past though. It is now time for reflection and time to strategize for Week 2. Let’s recap for those who weren’t paying too close attention.

The Top 4 Running Backs Will Be Lethal

Christian McCaffrey

Saquon, Zeke, Kamara, and McCaffery came as advertised. Sure, Zeke was limited in touches but he still scored a touchdown and we saw how we consistently gets 4+ yards a carry. Hope you didn’t pass on him. Saquon Barkley is capable of breaking a big play at any point. Even when the Giants have a lackluster game, Barkley still can perform pretty well in fantasy. Kamara had near 24 PPR points and didn’t even see the end zone. That offense runs through him. McCaffery has near 43 PPR points with 128 yards on the ground, and 79 through the air with two touchdowns. These guys are stars. Good luck playing against them.

Malcolm Brown Out Snapped Todd Gurley in the Red Zone

Malcolm Brown

Sure it was 6-4, but this backfield looked pretty split. Gurley’s usage went up in the second half, but it doesn’t look like he’s going to be the bell cow of old. If your league has Malcolm Brown, good luck getting him, but do your best to try.

Lamar Jackson May Be A Matchup Nightmare

Lamar Jackson

Known for his running ability a season ago, Jackson tossed five touchdown passes against Miami. Two were to Malcom Brown on deep passes. Sure, it’s the Dolphins and it’s Week 1, but if Jackson can throw very well and run, pick him up if he’s available.

DeSean Jackson Looks Right At Home

DeSean Jackson

Two touchdowns on the day for Jackson. Carson Wentz has a true big play receiver for his big arm. Jackson hasn’t lost a step. As a Giants fan, I can just see it now. Jackson burning the secondary like old times. He’s going to do it to other teams as well. He may still be a book or bust player, but the boom potential is potent.

Delanie Walker Remains Mariota’s Favorite

Delanie Walker

Two seasons ago, Delaine Walker was third among Tight Ends in fantasy points. In 2018 he was injured. Going into this season, he was a question mark. Week 1 answered those question emphatically. Walker had two receiving touchdowns on five catches and 55 yards. He was targeted six times. Now you can’t rely on two touchdowns a week, but even without them Walker would have put up double digit points. With the Tight End position as thin as it is, Walker should be picked up if not already.

The Raiders Played Pretty Darn Well

Derek Carr

No AB, no problem. Derek Car was super-efficient. Tyrell Williams broke out for over 100 yards and a touchdown, and Josh Jacobs shined. If they play good, the formal will be to run with Jacobs 20+ times, and against what is thought to be a good Broncos defense, Jacobs ran for 85 yards and scored two touchdowns. Pump the breaks a little, but keep an eye out for those three Raider players. They are definitely worth a pickup and if you don’t believe in the silver and black, maybe try to ride them while they’re hot and flip them.