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Draft Prospects I Love

Willie Gay Jr.
Mike Hrynyshyn
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Every draft cycle there are always a series of players that are “your guys”. The type of players where if you were in a team’s draft room, you’d stand on the table to vouch for them. Everyone has a different name for it; “Red Star players” is one I’ve heard a lot over the years, or in the Draft Twitter world, your #brand. I don’t have a name for these players personally, but these are some of the guys that even early in the college football season, are the prospects that I’m going to bat for.

LB Willie Gay Jr. and CB Cam Dantzler, Mississippi State

Cam Dantzler

A 2-for-1 special here as the Bulldogs are lucky to have these two studs in their back 7. Gay has the family genes, being the son of former Steelers DB William Gay. Gay Jr. has the build of today’s prototypical linebacker, standing 6’0” and weighing 230 lbs. He moves like a defensive back and packs a mean punch on tackles, which NFL teams are going to be salivating over when his time comes. He’s flying under the radar, but I have a feeling he won’t be for long. As for Dantzler, I’m not the only WNS writer here that likes him. Dantzler has been described by WNS as “the best all-around cornerback in the SEC”, it’s hard to spot a weakness in his game, other than his slender frame. In my opinion, Dantzler is what the NFL was hoping Kevin King was a few years back. Both of these guys carry a round 2 grade at this early stage for me.

EDGE Alton Robinson, Syracuse

Alton Robinson

Every time I watch Syracuse DE Alton Robinson, I become more and more enamoured with his game. He has a sort of Clelin Ferrell type look to his game, Ferrell has all the ability to go Day 1 in the 2020 class. He will have to answer questions about some off-field concerns in his past, but all signs are pointing to him having a great season. Expect to see him in Mobile come January for the Senior Bowl.

CB CJ Henderson, Florida

CJ Henderson

Don’t scout the helmet, scout the player. Yes, the Gators have seen countless flops at the corner position in the last several years. CJ Henderson is not going to be the next in line. A true stud ever since he stepped on campus, Henderson is a certified playmaker, be it an interception, a pass deflection or a chase down tackle, Henderson is always dependable for the Gators. That is why he’s been given the vaunted #1 to wear this year, an honor for UF players. He played well against Miami in the season opener, but I wish he had the opportunity to face Alabama this year and their trio of wideouts. However, he will face Demetris Robertson of Georgia and Kalija Lipscomb of Vandy who have NFL skill sets.

WR Jerry Jeudy, Alabama

Jerry Jeudy

Sometimes the obvious play is the right one. In this year’s loaded wideout class, Jeudy is still the clear-cut number one at the position. He’s not blazing fast like his teammate Henry Ruggs III. He doesn’t have the 6’6” frame of Texas’ Collin Johnson, but to me that doesn’t matter. What Jeudy does have is an amazing set of hands and the best route running technique I’ve seen since 2015. There’s a reason he’s compared to Odell Beckham Jr, he’s almost a carbon copy. Now that may seem like blasphemy, but I’m not comparing him to the megastar OBJ we all know, but rather the prospect OBJ was coming out of LSU. Beckham played in a limited offense in Baton Rouge, whereas Jeudy plays in one of the nation’s best. Jeudy has the potential to be special at the next level.