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What We Learned from NFL Opening Night

Aaron Rodgers
Thomas DiNapoli
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Matchups still Matter!

Aaron Jones

I played Aaron Jones against the Bears D is Chicago. This goes against everything I always say. Unless it’s a star player, play the matchup. All week I wanted to start Will Fuller V in my flex over Jones, but I went with the old week one cliché of starting your best guys. Poppycock. Play the guys who will help you succeed based on matchups. A running back in a new offense, with a quarterback who didn’t play in the preseason was not going to shine. Hindsight is 20-20, but I should have followed my gut.

Bears Defense is Legit

Khalil Mack

If you reached early to get the Bears D/ST in a league, you should be happy you did. It’s better to get a D/ST a little early and know you’re going to plug them in each week instead of always having to play the waiver wire. It’s a fun game, but a tricky one. The Bears had 5 sacks whole only giving up 13 points, and 213 yards. Sure the Bears didn’t win, but this is fantasy, you don’t need that.

Packers are Still Pass-Happy

Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers threw the ball 30 times on Thursday. He linked up with eight different pass catchers. Sure Davante Adams was underwhelming, but there’s no cause for a long term concern. The Packers will air it out and once everyone is comfortable, and they’re not playing the best defense while also being rusty, the Packers will look like the yard gaining, point scoring offense they’re supposed to be. Even with a coach that ran the 27th ranked offense just one season ago. Maybe Rodgers is the key to help his offense be what he thinks it can.

Trubisky is What We Thought He is

Mitch Trubisky

Oh Mitch. Last season a lot of people say he looked a little handcuffed in the offense. He looked as if the playbook was limited for him and could only play well with a perfect running game and a lead. Fantasy quarterbacks needs big drives with big completions that lead to touchdowns. Against what is an improved Packers defense, Trubisky couldn’t muster up a touchdown drive. Most people didn’t have him as a QB1 anyway, but if he’s on your bench or you’re in a 2 QB league, you may want to look elsewhere.


Geronimo Allison

What a nice segue. After one week it sounds like I’m out on Aaron Jones and Trubisky. I was never too high on Mitch, but I may be a little harsh trying to confirm my own beliefs. The point is to not freak out. Don’t go dropping Geronimo Allison because he had a bad game to pick up your favorite team’s third wide receiver in hopes he’ll do better. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the rest of week one. If you had a player that played poorly and you’re going to lose because of it, it’s a long season. Crack open a cold one and don’t move from your couch. Football is back, and so is the agony that comes with it. We wouldn’t want to any other way.

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