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Building the Perfect SEC Cornerback

Cam Dantzler
Vincent Page
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The SEC has produced a litter of elite cornerback prospects in years past. Just last year, Deandre Baker and Greedy Williams taken in the first 50 picks. This year is the same old news: there is elite cornerback talent in the SEC, and today, we’re going to build the perfect one.


Jaycee Horn

Jaycee Horn, South Carolina

Coming out of South Carolina, there may not be a more physically imposing cornerback in the SEC than Jaycee Horn. Standing at 6-1 and weighing 290 pounds, he has the elite size that NFL teams cover, and WRs fear.

Horn uses his size and physicality to his advantage. He is not afraid to bump at the line of scrimmage, go for a big hit, or help in the run game. His play style is very similar to the way former USC (the California USC) cornerback Iman Marshall played: physically dominant and brutal for opposition.

Ball Skills

Trevon Diggs

Trevon Diggs, Alabama

This was one of the simpler picks for this article. Trevon Diggs is one of my favorite cornerbacks to watch for the 2020 Draft, and his ball skills are what put him among the elite at the position in the SEC.

The former WR (and younger brother of Vikings’ star wideout Stefon) makes sure to utilize his past position to his advantage. Not only is he adept at staying with receivers, he makes every catch tough, and his knowledge of route running seems to lend a hand when shadowing receivers.

Man Coverage

CJ Henderson

CJ Henderson, Florida

Admittedly, I’m not quite as high in CJ Henderson as a lot of analysts. However, his most undeniable trait is his ability in man coverage. There is no corner in the country I would trust more to shadow the opposing team’s WR1, and he will definitely have his fair share of tough matchups this season. He has the speed, agility, and enough size to cover any receiver his coaches ask of him.

My favorite part of Henderson’s abilities in man coverage is his knack for undercutting passes. No matter how he is shading a receiver, Henderson always shows he is capable of getting between the ball and wide receiver.

Zone Coverage

Cam Dantzler

Cameron Dantzler, Mississippi State

The best all-around cornerback in the SEC this year is not out of Florida or Alabama, but out of Mississippi State, and his name is Cam Dantzler.

What separates him from the likes Henderson and Diggs? His ability to do whatever a coach asks on the football field. In terms of zone coverage, that is Dantzler’s best separating trait, as he is proficient in understanding and executing zone concepts. Whether he is sitting in a shallow zone and needs to bring the boom on running backs or playing a deep third, Dantzler is more than capable of doing anything needed from his defensive coordinator.


Javaris Davis

Javaris Davis, Auburn

This selection boils down to the fact that Javaris Davis has been clocked running a 4.24 forty-yard dash. On top of that, the Auburn corner is one of the possible breakout players for 2019.

So far in his college career, Davis has relied mostly on his speed to stay with receivers. If he can pair that with improved mechanics this upcoming season (followed by an impressive NFL Combine showing) he could be one of the biggest risers we see over the next nine months.

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