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Top 10 Fantasy Football Defense/Special Teams

Bears Defense Fantasy
Thomas DiNapoli
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We’re getting into the nitty gritty of the fantasy football draft. The Defense/Special Teams. First thing, talk to your commissioner and review your league settings leagues don’.t reward points for safeties, fumbles, blocked kicks, etc. If your league does, your D/ST becomes way more valuable. The position is often overlooked and people choose to stream D/ST week to week, but having a good one is such a plus. It’s one position you don’t have to worry about. As Forrest Gump once said, “Well, that’s good. One less thing.” So, let’s tackle this thing and have you on your way to winning your league by drafting well deep in the draft (like I did when I won my league.)

Chicago Bears

1. Chicago Bears

Nothing fancy here. Best scoring fantasy D/ST in 2018, will be the best in 2019. The Monsters of the Midway led the NFL in D/ST touchdowns, interceptions and were 4th in sacks. They also allowed the least amount of points. There’s no need to convince you, they’re number 1.

Rams Defense Fantasy

2. Los Angeles Rams

Second in 2018, second in 2019. With Suh leaving for Tampa Bay there may be a slight regression from the Rams, but their defense is the real deal. They get a lot of sacks, force turnovers and scored the second most TDs out of any D/ST. Don’t overthink it.

Ravens defense fantasy

3. Baltimore Ravens

Allowing the second fewest points in 2018, the Ravens D/ST continues to be a great option. The only thing you have to worry about is their offense. If you don’t think it can get going, that forces the defense to have to play more minutes. This was a playoff in 2018 though, the D/ST was a big reason for it. Look for them to take a step forward in 2019.

Patriots defense fantasy

4. New England Patriots

Woah. Patriots, DEFENSE?!?!?! Why, yes. Patriots defense. They were the 4th highest scoring D/ST in fantasy football in 2018. The team will give up yards, but they lock down in the red zone. They added 4 defensive players in the draft including in the 2nd and 3rd round; guys who can make an impact right away. Don’t sleep on the Pats D. Your league might though. You may get lucky and they’ll fall.

Texans Defense fantasy

5. Houston Texans

The D/ST everyone thinks is great, and well, they’re pretty damn good. When JJ Watt is healthy, they’re even better. They were 3rd in points in 2019, and finished in or near the top 10 in sacks, fumble recoveries and interceptions.

Chargers defense fantasy

6. Los Angeles Chargers

This is the team that’s going to make a jump. They finished in the middle of the pack last year in fantasy points in 15th, but 2019 will be different. This is a good team. Good teams win with a good defense. They loaded up on defense in the draft with 5 out of 7 picks being on the defensive side of the ball. Of those, 3 out of the first 4 were defensive pick too. Plus, they’re wearing the powder blue uniforms all the time, a fan favorite. You can’t look that good and play poorly.

Vikings defense fantasy

7. Minnesota Vikings

Having the 3rd most sacks in 2018 helped the Vikings to finish 7th in fantasy points among D/ST. With Anthony Barr staying and not going to the Jets, that adds some stability to the D/ST. While their offense struggled, their D/ST was a mainstay. Mike Zimmer is a defensive coach who has the Vikings always in the top scoring defense as well.

Saints defense fantasy

8. New Orleans Saints

Back to the thing with the Chargers, this is a very good team. Good teams win when their defense plays well. The Saints should be playing with a lead a lot, which is valuable for a defense. Don’t look now, but the Saints actually are top five in interceptions and sacks in the past two seasons.

Jaguars defense

9. Jacksonville Jaguars

This may be a little low for some, but the Jags weren’t spectacular in 2018. Finishing in the bottom half in interceptions and sacks, they brought in Josh Allen, who is a beast, and shouldn’t have dropped to 7, and been passed on by so many teams, including the Giants, for Daniel Jones, but that’s my quarterback now. Sorry, I’m rambling. The Jags suffered from a poor offense and the defense having to do everything. If Nick Foles gives this offense a facelift, that should not only take the pressure off the dense, but at least get them more rest a game. 2017 was an unprecedented year and they made never go back to that, but they will bounce back.

Colts defense

10. Indianapolis Colts

Sleeper pick (ish.) Top two draft picks were defensive players. The brought in Justin Houston. In 2018, they were 10th in interceptions and 10th in fumble recoveries. With these new additions they should be able to get to the quarterback more and create more sacks. It’s not a sexy pick, but a good one if you want to wait to pick a D/ST.