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Top 15 Fantasy Football Quarterbacks

Fantasy Football QBs
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It’s mid-July. That means your fantasy football draft will be here before you know it. To catch up on what you missed, the top 25 players, as predicted by Whole Nine Sports, can he be read here. On that list there was no quarterbacks so, what better position to break down than the signal callers themselves. Here are the top 15 QBs going into the 2019 season.

Patrick Mahomes Fantasy

1. Patrick Mahomes, Kansas City Chiefs

In 2018 Mahomes threw for 5097 passing yards, 50 touchdown passes, and only 12 interceptions. That is just unbelievable. Who’s to say he can’t do it again? Me. I’m to say. That said, he’s still the best quarterback to draft. Even if he throws for 4500 yards and 35 touchdowns, that’s still amazing. He was the far and away points leader among QBs in 2018. His arm talent is crazy. While he has no Kareen Hunt, and Tyreek Hill’s future is up in the air, you cannot pass him up if he’s available and you’re looking for a signal caller.

Andrew Luck Fantasy

2. Andrew Luck, Indianapolis Colts

After sitting out all of 2017, there was plenty of uncertainty going into 2018. All Luck did was throw for over 4500 yards, 39 touchdowns, and 15 interceptions. His near 68% completion percentage was super efficient as well. If you read the Top 25 article (second plug), you would have read how great him and Wide Receiver T.Y. Hilton are together. Frank Reich seems like a great fit for Luck as a coach and the surrounding cast keeps getting better. We all should expect great things in 2019.

Deshaun Watson Fantasy

3. Deshaun Watson, Houston Texans

For someone that people were concerned about throwing too many interception going into the NFL, he’s never thrown double digits in his two seasons. He takes care of the ball, extends plays, and just led his team on a nine-game winning streak. He has the most sure handed WR in DeAndre Hopkins, a big play threat in Will Fuller IV, and a weak running game that makes him throw more. Not to mention the near 4200 yards passing, 26 passing touchdowns, and 5 rushing scores. He was 4th in fantasy points among QBs in 2018 and he’ll bump it up to three this year. You won’t be upset with Watson.

Aaron Rodgers Fantasy

4. Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay Packers

As stated in the past, hiring Matt LeFleur doesn’t get me excited but this is Aaron Rodgers. That said, there’s not too much to be said to convince anyone to draft him. The guy is a model of consistency when the team isn’t. Over 4440 yards, 25 passing touchdowns, and a mere 2 interceptions. That’s right 2. If you want to play it safe, there’s not a safer pick than Rodgers.

Russell Wilson Fantasy

5. Russell Wilson, Seattle Seahawks

With a terrible offensive line, a not so great defense, and an offense that was second the league in rushing attempts per game, Wilson still had almost 3500 passing yards, 35 passing touchdowns, and only 7 interceptions. If Seattle is going to stick with the ground and pound game, this is where Wilson’s value may go down. He may not get as many attempts as one would like. That said, he does the most with all those attempts. Don’t read too much into the running game, Wilson throws TDs, takes care of the ball, and is a bonafide fantasy star.

Baker Mayfield Fantasy

6. Baker Mayfield, Cleveland Browns

Not buying into the Browns hype too much. They’ll be a fine team, not a great one. With a full year of Nick Chubb in the backfield, Baker will only benefit. Not to mention the addition of Odell Beckham Jr. Between him, Jarvis Landry, and David Njoku, Baker should shine, especially in the red zone. In just 14 games in 2018, Baker had over 3700 yards, 27 passing touchdowns, and 14 interceptions. No sophomore slump here. Baker will go from 16th in fantasy points, right into the top 10. Baker is the real deal.

Cam Newton

7. Cam Newton, Carolina Panthers

While the Panthers are a question mark, Cam is not. In just 14 games last year he threw for nearly 3400 yards, 24 passing touchdowns, and 13 interceptions. He had his best completion percentage of his career nearing 68% and seemed to use Running Back Chrisitan McCaffery as much as possible. He’s also had at least 4 rushing touchdowns in every season so far. If he’s healthy, he’s very good. Let’s just hope the Panthers can help protect him.

Jared Goff

8. Jared Goff, Los Angeles Rams

Some people say he’s only good when the running game and the offensive line is good. Here’s the thing, they will both be good again. While Gurley may not be the bell cow this year, the Rams offense will still be potent. Between Tyler Higbee, Robert Woods, Cooper Kupp, and Brandin Cooks, there’s no reason Goff should slow down. In 2018, he posted an impressive completion percentage near 65%, 32 passing touchdowns, and 12 interceptions. What’s not to like about him? He’s in Sean McVay’s offense that doesn’t seem like it will slow down. 2018 showed that his good 2017 was not a fluke. Expect another good year from the former Cal Bear.

Drew Brees

9. Drew Brees, New Orleans Saints

Yes, he will be 40 but, Brees still has it. He’s in the dome, he’s still running Sean Payton’s offense, so what’s the problem? Well in 2017 and 2018, the number of pass attempts by Brees has gone down. Running the ball is now more important, as it should be with Alvin Karama. Having said that, in 2017 and 2018 he’s posted completion percentages over 72%. He’s not throwing it as much, but he is more precise. Brees threw for nearly 4000 yards, 32 touchdowns, and only 5 interceptions. He also snuck into the endzone 4 times. Be careful because you don’t want to take him too early, but if you can control it, you don’t want to pass him up either.

Matt Ryan

10. Matt Ryan, Atlanta Falcons

While Dan Quinn is not an offensive coach and the Falcons had a losing record, Matt Ryan’s fantasy numbers will have you blind to that. In 2018 he completed just over 69% (nice) of his passes, threw for 35 touchdowns, and only 7 interceptions. He’s got weapons in Julio Jones, Clavin Ridley, and Mohamed Sanu. Not to mention a healthy Devonta Freeman going into 2019. 2018 was also his second highest season in terms of passing yards just missing 4500. This line is very overused in fantasy, but the Falcon may be playing from behind and trying to win games late so, that could fare well for Ryan. Let’s not forget he was second in fantasy points scored in 2018. Regardless of what the Falcons do, Ryan will shine.

Carson Wentz

11. Carson Wentz, Philadelphia Eagles

He has not play full seasons each of the last two seasons. When he plays, he lights it up though. In 11 games in 2018, Wentz threw for near 3100 yards, 21 passing touchdowns, and 7 interceptions. Injuries are a concern of course, but he’s just so good when he plays. The Eagles have the 7th easiest schedule going into 2019. Pair that with what is expected to be a pretty weak NFC east, and it’s a receipt for another good year from Wentz. Oh, he also over a 69% (also nice) completion percentage in 2018 too. Seems like he can still get better.

Philip Rivers

12. Philip Rivers, Los Angeles Chargers

Someone who is always overlooked in fantasy. He helped me win my fantasy league last year. (Have I ever mentioned that before?) In 2018 he led the Los Angeles Chargers to a 12-4 record. Rivers threw for 32 touchdowns and only 12 interceptions. His passing yards were over 4300 for thee sixth straight year. The Chargers are good, and they will score points. The running game is good, the reviewers are good, and their coach is from the Bill Parcells coaching tree. Is there any more to ask for? He’s going to be good again. The true value with Rivers is the ability to maybe get him later. You might be able to round out your roster, then get him rather than build your roster around your quarterback like you may have to with Mahomes. That’s risky, but having Rivers as your QB1 is not.

Ben Roethlisberger

13. Ben Roethlisberger, Pittsburgh Steelers

Third in fantasy points in 2018. The Steelers seem dysfunctional, but still won 9 games. Think what you want about Antonio Brown and Le’veon Bell leaving, but Ben threw for a career high in yards, with over 5100 and 34 touchdowns. Sure he had 16 interceptions, but that’s not going to get much higher, if any higher at all. He had a few bad games, which may may you think he was worse than he was, but Ben’s still got it. If James Conner can play like he did last year, Ben should have no problem putting up points. He just got paid, and the Steeler still do have this weird feeling of dysfunction for me to put him higher, but Ben is till QB1 worthy.

Tom Brady Fantasy

14. Tom Brady, New England Patriots

The guy is Benjamin Button. Not only is he more handsome in his early 40s than he was in his early 20s, but he’s playing better in his later age. For whatever reason, there’s this weird stigma Brady isn’t a great fantasy quarterback. Nonsense. In 2018 he was 14th in fantasy points for quarterback. His near 4440 yards, 29 touchdown passes, and 11 interceptions is nothing to ignore. The Patriots like to QB Sneak at the one yardline, so Brady can even rush for a couple, just like he did in 2018. The Patriots pass to set up the run, and they run the ball more than you would think, but Brady is a good consistent pick that you know what you’re going to get. 

Dak Prescott

15. Dak Prescott, Dallas Cowboys

If you’re a Whole Nine Sports regular, apologies as you may have seen this. When Zeke plays well, Dak plays well. When they both play well, Dallas wins. In 2018 Dallas was 6-1 when Zeke rushed for over 100 yards and a mere 3-5 when Zeke was under 100. He threw for near 3900 yards, 22 passing touchdowns, and just 8 interceptions. Dak is incredibly consistent rushing for 6 TDs in each of his first three seasons. In what can be a weak division, Dak can really take advantage of his opportunities. Dak threw for less than 200 yards 5 times in 2018, while throwing for over 300 yards just twice. He’s not going to light it up and throw 40 times a game, but with all this said, he was 10th in fantasy points in 2018.