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Reaction to Jets Firing Mike Maccagnan and Brian Heimerdinger

New York Jets
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The New York Jets continue to show the world why they are the most incompetent organization in sports. On Wednesday, just before noon eastern time, Jets CEO Chris Johnson sent out a press release stating that he had relieved Mike Maccagnan of his GM duties. Now, you can argue that Maccagnan should’ve been fired due to his poor track record the last four years. However, if that was the case, why let this guy help pick the new head coach? Why have this guy spend the teams money in free agency? Why the HECK would you let him and his right hand man Brian Heimerdinger (VP of Player Personnel) run the draft just to fire him three weeks later? When Woody Johnson stepped aside to be the Ambassador of the UK and Christopher Johnson became acting CEO, it seemed as if  the organization was turning in the right direction. He said the right things, did the right things, and under him the Jets drafted what many believe to be a franchise QB in Sam Darnold. The bright future and the hope that Jets fans had going into the 2019 season is now dark leaving everyone to say “Same ole’ Jets”.

Mike Maccagnan Adam Gase

Reports started surfacing before the draft that the Jets were interested in Eagles VP Joe Douglas, but nobody seemed to think he’d be replacing Mike Maccagnan. Then, during draft weekend reports starting coming out saying that big changes are coming to the Jets front office after the draft and Mike Maccagnan could be out of a job (-Via Tony Pauline). Fast forward about two weeks and Maccagnan is out of the job. Adam Gase is in control of personnel and Joe Douglas is the front runner to succeed Mike Maccagnan.

Joe Douglas

The Jets love to do things ass backwards. I like the idea of Joe Douglas as the GM of the Jets. However, this should’ve been the move back in January when the team let go of Todd Bowles. Just when you think things are going good, they go and pull this stunt off. Bottom line if the Jets do end up with Joe Douglas as the GM we still have to see how the rest of the front office is filled out. The Jets put together an impressive coaching staff and signed some prized free agents. So the hope for the future should still be bright, something just always seem to impede their progress.